Am I a tenor or alto ? Ever wonder which of these you are? You'll be surprised at the answer. (hint: if you have a well balanced voice you are at least 3 out ... - Read more

Hello I am a inspired musician. I really like both instruments, but I favor the alto more and i would like to play it in my school's jazz band, instead of playing the ... - Read more

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TubeNet • View topic - Tenor and Alto Cleft?

Music ‹ TubeNet ... "Hello i play the tuba and trombone i am a junior in high school and i would like to ..." · "In tenor clef, middle C is on the 2nd line down ...

List of Tenor and Alto Sax Players - Modern

I am a tenor player so I will just stick to suggesting mostly modern jazz ... here are some of my favorites on tenor or alto, both or other... who deserve to be heard ...

List of Tenor and Alto Sax Players - Modern [Archive ...

I am trying to assemble a library of modern jazz sax players, ... here are some of my favorites on tenor or alto, both or other... who deserve to be heard: Michael ...

Should I start playing alto or tenor saxophone?

I've wanted to start playing the saxophone for a while, but I can't decide between tenor and alto. ... D BTW: im in 8 grade and am in jazz band. ...

Tenor Or Alto Sax For Adult Beginners? - Viva Woodwind ...

That way you can have a tenor/alto/clarinet and possibly flute set up and you'll be awesome for things like pit bands for shows. (if you ever go down that route!)

Alto or Tenor? - Doctor Sax

How do you tell the difference between an Alto Sax and a Tenor sax? The pictures below and length of the sax should do the trick. ... Above is a Tenor ...

Am I a Tenor, Bass, Alto, Soprano? - Лучшее ...

America's Got Talent Auditions Forte Tenor Singers, First ever public

Alto or Tenor? - STL Ocarina Customer Forum - Index

This may seem like a very simple question, but which has a deeper sound: alto or tenor? And which ocarina has that nice deep sound? ... 2013, 07:52:35 AM ...

Ocarina - Alto,Soprano and Tenor? -

Topic: Alto,Soprano and Tenor? (Read 8609 times) Dan Hazy. Full Member ... I am not a huge fan of wooden wind instruments, but he does do some beautiful work.


Which Sax Tenor or Alto - 8notes

Which Sax Tenor or Alto. Show navigation Hide navigation. Instruments; Styles; Artists; Resources. ... what i am saying is "Not all saxes and sax equipment are ...

Tenor Vs. Alto??!?!!?!?? - Activity Stream - Sax on the ...

I am guessing that you are a high school age ... Alto and Tenor can sound similar depending on what range the player is mainly in and the mouthpiece and other ...

Alto or Tenor ? | Forums |

Alto or Tenor ? I love the sound of the sax, i play the clarinet and am going to buy a sax and learn that ... I am just not sure which I should get .. a tenor or alto ...

Am I a Tenor, Bass, Alto, Soprano?

Why is there a lump in my throat? Просмотров: 8873 Ever wonder why there's a lump in your throat that moves when you sing?

Tenor or Alto? - 8notes

First, What do most beginners start playing, Tenor or Alto? ... Am I right to say that that is the yamaha beginner horn? Good choice either way.

do u know my voice type? and voice timbre? am i a baritone ...

do u know my voice type? and voice timbre? am i a baritone, tenor, high tenor, or alto and is timbre light or heavy?

Are you a bass, tenor, alto, or soprano (voice-wise ...

... tenor, alto, or soprano ... When i was a freshman I was a 2nd soprano when I was a sophmore I was a 1st soprano now this year as junior i am a 2nd alto.

Saxophone: Tenor or Alto?, jackie maclean, natural voice

jackie maclean, natural voice, cantera: Dear Peter, I am big believer that your natural voice will come to the forefront. If you enjoy playing both horns then by all ...

Alto vs Tenor??? | Forums |

Alto vs Tenor??? I'm going to take up the saxophone at age 65. ... Thanks for the comments. I am leaning toward the Alto because of the size.

How different is the tenor sax and the bari sax from an ...

... and I am taking band. I currently am playing alto sax, ... There is a deep, growling tone to the bari that is not available to the alto or tenor.

Jazz :: Which is better for me, alto or tenor?

Alto or tenor? personally for fun playing and copying songs alto and everything else tenor tenor is lower and alto is higher ... September 11, 2013 1+ answers ...

Alto / Tenor Horn ? - View topic: Trumpet Herald forum

Cornet/Flügelhorn ... "I have recently acquired a Tenor or Alto Horn?? with the following inscription on the ..." · "Alto Horns (Peck Horns) are usually in Eb ...

Tenor Or Alto? - Bad Girl Chats

... upon discovering one plays tenor sax and the other alto, decide to form a small band. ... August 28, 2014 at 8:43 am. True. Reply. nicole hollander says:

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