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Average Scores by State. Sort the data by column heading or select a state to view its complete Profile Report in PDF. (Each file is about 32 pages long and 90KB.) - Read more

What Is the Average ACT Score?. The ACT is a nonprofit organization that publishes the ACT test, taken annually by over 1.6 million high school students. - Read more

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90 Average freshman SAT verbal score: 715 Average freshman. STILLWATER, Okla. The average ACT test score of Wisconsin students again ranked third-highest ...

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Average ACT score Status: Making progress Source: American College Testing, Inc. Average ACT composite score of Kentucky graduating seniors Highlights

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Act Test Average Scores - information about the ACT registration process with testing dates. Learn more about the ACT testing procedures, sample tests

What is the average SAT or ACT score?

The average SAT score for fall 2008 was 1113 (with scores on the math and critical reading portions of the test).

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How soon ACT test scores are ready ... How Soon Scores Are Ready. Most scores are available for online viewing within 2 weeks after each national or international ...


Learn what scores you need. And more. Rosewood Media. SATSCORES 3.0 Rankings My Chances New SAT. Research Universities ... College Board | ACT Test.

What is the average ACT score for an ivy league school?

What is the average ACT score for an ivy league school? Find answers now! No. 1 Questions & Answers Place. More questions about Education, Examinations and Tests ...

What's a Good ACT Score for Top Universities?

Ever asked yourself "What's a good ACT score?" Well, here's the answer to that question! See the average ACT scores for the nation and what ACT score you'd need to ...


The Average Scores in ACT What Is Average ACT Score. The ACT results are considered by colleges in the USA as part of the admission criteria for admission to their ...


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Average ACT scores by state for 2011 ... Average Scores by State. Sort the data by column heading or select a state to view its complete Profile Report in PDF.

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This article describes what the ACT exam is and also provides information about the average ACT score. The ACT is a national college admissions test.

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Expert information on the ACT national college admissions exam - average ACT scores, tips to improve your ACT results, and more.

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ACT scores play a very vital role in a student's college career. Most universities require an average ACT score upon admission. They take many factors in ...

What's a Good ACT Score for College Admissions?

Learn what's considered a good ACT score and what score you'll need to get admitted to your top choice colleges.

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Check out the mean scores for every section on the ACT for 2012, along with averages by gender, intended college major, and ethnicity.

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The national composite or total ACT score average is around 21. However, composite and individual test scores do vary by state and range from 19 to 24.

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The ACT college readiness assessment is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States produced by ACT, Inc. It was first ...

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How ACT figures the multiple-choice test scores and the Composite score; Relationship between the tests, questions, and subscores; What are national ranks?

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Performance progress for the average ACT score in the State of Oklahoma.

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Nearly 3 hours long, the ACT evaluates knowledge in English, mathematics, reading, and science. The ACT score average is one of the most talked about subjects.

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What Is An Average Score on the ACT Test? 50% of students make less than a 20 on the ACT test, so you might say an average ACT Composite score is 20.

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*Approximately 55 percent of students who take the ACT exam score between 17 and 25. What's the Average ACT Score by state? Average ACT scores by state vary.

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The Average ACT Scores for Ivy League Colleges. Getting accepted to an Ivy League school is no easy feat. The schools comprising the Ivy League are notorious for ...

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A list of Average ACT Scores for some of the top US colleges

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Thinking about applying to the Ivy League with your ACT scores? Find out what scores you should aim for, and which schools will accept the ACT.

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ACT Scores. ACT Test Scores are an important factor for college admissions. Many colleges will set minimum required ACT scores, while others will use ACT scores as ...

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Did you get a good SAT score or ACT score? Well, it depends where you’re applying to college.

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Since the ACT exam is such an important component of the college admissions process, a lot of students are curious about the average ACT score.

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What's the national average ACT score? Worried about your upcoming ACT exam? Read this article for valuable ACT related information.

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The average score for each section is roughly 500, so the average total score is about 1500. ... Are Your ACT Scores Good Enough to Get into a Selective College?

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If you shoot for these average ACT score ranges, you'll be on your way to a solid application for the nation's top colleges - all of which now accept the ACT.