Can 10 year olds have cellphones?

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At what age do you think it's appropriate for someone to get a cell phone? ... to yous them so i supose 10 year olds can have one if they know how to ... - Read more

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If your 7 years old, why the F*** do you have a cell phone ...

Why do 7 year olds have cell phones? OMFG. Facebook logo. Email or Phone: ... But how many likes can they get? ... 10 6 Like · Comment.

Cell Phone for 9 Year Old. - Mamapedia™

Cell Phone for 9 Year Old. ... They can't use them at school. I have a 20 year old, ... My just turned 10 year old son got one for his birthday.

On Average, Children Get Cellphones at Age 8

... 35% of 8-year-olds have a ... The peace of mind I'd get knowing that my child can call 911 from ... the average child gets a cellphone when they're 8-years-old.

Is a 6-Year-Old Too Young to Have a Cell Phone? | Care2 Causes

Is a 6-Year-Old Too Young to Have a Cell Phone? by Anna ... The battery can explode-I had a cell phone years ago that suddenly would no longer work ... 10 comments ...

Why I gave my 10-year-old a cell phone - The Orange County ...

Elizabeth Esther shares why she gave her10-year-old a cell phone in ... You can also sign ... I realize that not every 10-year-old needs or should have a cell phone.

Q&A: Should a 5-year-old have a cellphone? : Parenting

... Should a 5-year-old have a cellphone ... My best friend has given a cellphone to her 5-year-old. ... CAN YOU HELP? My 8-year-old daughter wants to go to a ...

What's the Right Age for a Cellphone? - On Parenting

I really don't think its necessary for an eight year old child to have a cell phone. ... can have a cell phone ... and 10 year olds with cell phones, but I have ...

Cell phone for 9 year old. What do you think? - BabyCenter

Do you think it is appropriate for a 9 year old to have a cell phone? It would be $10 more a ... I can think of some ... a 9 year old to have a cell phone?

Reasons Why Students Should Have Cell Phones | eHow

... the social impact of most students carrying cell phones can alienate the few that don't. In a world where most 10-year-olds have a cell phone to contact their ...


Should pre-teens have cell phones? My 10-year-old thinks so.

According to a 2009 Kaiser Family Foundation report, 31 percent of 8-10-year-olds have cell phones. ... We can set rules around her cell phone use, sure ...

One Third of 11-Year-Olds Have Cell Phones

While i agree most of the other comments, i do have to say though that sometimes having a cell phone at 10 and 11 is very nice to have. Mainly if your in like ...

Online Debate: Cellphones for Kids(4-11 year olds ...

One third of all 11 year olds have cell phones ... students who don't get cell phones can ... "Mobile Telephone Ownership and Usage Among 10- and 11-Year-Olds: ...

Should A 6 Year Old Have A Cell Phone? - Circle of Moms

I definately do not think 6 year olds need to have cell phones. My 6 year old cant even take care of his ... before they can to be left... I have my daughters 12, 10, ...

10-year-old wants cellphone - Chicago Tribune

Your 10-year-old asked for a cellphone for ... A 10-year-old whose parents live in separate houses ... It can have an effect on their ability to ...

Does a 10-year-old Need a Cell Phone? | Parenting Advice

... cell phones for 2 years. I have ... 10 year old does need a cell phone and I think its up to the parents to decide it. I do recommend that parents put their kids ...

Should Kids Have Cellphones? - Lifestyle - MSN CA

In some situations, though, a cellphone can have real value. Ruby Carlisle* gave her now 10-year-old son, Ty, a cellphone when he was eight.

CHART OF THE DAY: One Third Of U.S. 11-Year-Olds Have ...

... One Third Of U.S. 11-Year-Olds Have Cellphones. ... Last year, more than 35% of U.S. children ages 10 ... And even more than 5% of 6-7-year-olds had cellphones ...

Why does a 10 year old need a cell phone? | Answerbag

Why does a 10 year old need a cell phone? The majority of 10 year olds don ... landline phones around that can be used ... year old have a cell phone;

Should A 11-Year-Old Have A Cell Phone? - Circle of Moms

Most eleven year olds do have cell phones and it can be a good thing if you set rules and stick ... We got a cell phone for our 10 year old and put Verizon's ...

Cellphones for 4-Year-Olds? No Thank You! | The Stir

... plus $10 per month. ... Have parents no qualms about the can of worms they open if they hand such an expensive and useless ... My 7 year old has à cell phone.

If Your 9-Year-Old Doesn't Have a Cell Phone, He's Not ...

One in five kids have their own cell phone by the time they are 8 years old, according to Nielsen's latest survey, "A Pocket Guide to Social Media and Kids."

ISIS Beheads Steven Sotloff! Plus, 10 year olds with cell ...

Plus, 10 year olds with cell phones! ... Plus, ten year olds with cell phones! Category ... What we can learn from ISIS horrors by CNN 378,082 views;

Concern: 10-11 year olds cell phone use grows by 80% ...

... 11 currently own a cell phone, ... of cell phone exposure can also disrupt the ... that 10 and 11 year olds should have mobile phone I think ...

Do you think a 6 year old child should have a cell phone?

Yes a 6 year old should have a cell phone, No way should a 6 year old have a cell phone. ... The parent can call the phone anytime they ... 2014/10/08 19 ...

Google Answers: Number of under 18 year-olds who have a ...

... Number of under 18 year-olds who have a mobile (cell) phone ... , I can provide you with the ... ?A quarter of seven- to 10-year-olds own ...

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