Can tea stain my teeth?

I’ve been drinking more and more green tea lately and was not aware that it could stain my teeth. But then again what doesn’t stain your teeth these days? - Read more

“White Wine Can Make Tooth Stains Darker.” ... Yes, green tea definitely gets stains on your teeth! I reduced my green tea consume recently, ... - Read more

Discussion about Can tea stain my teeth?

Can tea stain my teeth? resources

Tea-stained teeth? - TheMedGuru

... Like coffee and colas, tea can stain teeth, ... although you may notice some tooth sensitivity. My holistic dentist tells me that over time, ...

How Does Tea Stain The Teeth? - Snippets

How can I make sure that my teeth are not stained by all the tea I have been drinking? Can you get rid of a tooth stain? How can I get rid of teeth stains?

Will Coffee Stain My Teeth? - Milton Dentist Office ...

Will Coffee Stain My Teeth? Getting rid of coffee Stains ... beverage can, over time, stain our teeth and make even the ... coffee or tea. So how can I prevent ...

When tea stains your teeth | The Teatropolitan Times

1. The most obvious should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day, but it’s ideal if you can brush them immediately after drinking tea.

Tea lovers? How can I remove tea stains on my teeth?-About ...

Tea stains can be removed by dipping a sponge in white vinegar and applying to the stain. Wash the garment per care label instructions. Don't throw the garment into ...

Is Green Tea Staining Your Teeth? - Teapot Diversions--A ...

Apparently there is a slight problem befalling those that partake in the fine art of tea drinking. Tea can stain your teeth. ... teeth or stain on my teeth due to ...

Ask an Expert: Tea staining teeth - University of Cincinnati

I`m a tea drinker and I know that the tea is staining my teeth. ... One dental hygienist said that tea tends to stain teeth more than coffee ... where you can:

Copy of Does Tea Stain Your Teeth? by jessica fonza on Prezi

You can change this under ... Does Tea Stain Your Teeth? ... I think the cola will stain teeth faster than the tea will stain teeth. Conclusion My ...

Does tea or coffee stain teeth more? - Quora

... It is difficult to directly answer that which of the two would stain teeth more. ... How can I keep drinking tea and prevent my teeth from getting stained?


Tea Staining and Teeth - 5 Whitening and Removal Tips

Tea staining can be minimized when drinking tea. Here's how to remove stains from your teeth and fabric. ... My personal favorite is the Phillips Sonicare Elite.

How to Remove Tea Stains on Teeth | eHow

How to Remove Tea Stains on Teeth. ... There are several methods to remove tea stains from your teeth. You can take care of the issue at home or seek the help of a ...

How can I avoid staining my teeth when drinking tea ...

Black tea can stain teeth. The tannin in it transfers to tooth enamel. (Green tea stains, too, though not as much.) If you love the comfort and health benefits of ...

Does Tea Stain Teeth? - Colgate: Toothpaste & Toothbrushes ...

We know that coffe can stain those pearly whites, but does tea stain teeth? The answer is yes. ... Now that you know that tea can stain your teeth, ...

Tea-Stained Teeth? - Andrew Weil

Like coffee and colas, tea can stain teeth, although it's not as big an offender as tobacco ... although you may notice some tooth sensitivity. My ...

Do tea stain your Teeth by Raymond Hurst on Prezi

Can tea stain your teeth? Background Research with Situations ... I can conclude that my hypothesis was right; because on the first day the egg was stained.

Can Drinking Soda Stain My Teeth? | LIVESTRONG.COM

Can Drinking Soda Stain My Teeth? Last Updated: Aug 16, 2013 | By Rebekah Richards. Drinking through a straw limits tooth discoloration. Photo Credit ...

HowStuffWorks "How to Prevent Stained Teeth"

You know how coffee can stain a porcelain cup. It, along with tea and colas, does the same thing to your teeth. ... and other stains on the teeth, ...

Can tea stain your teeth?

Home; All Questions; Can tea stain your teeth? Can ice tea and warm tea stain your teeth? Because I love them both and im scared my teeth are gonna get stained

How Can I Avoid Stains on my Teeth? (with pictures)

Stains on your teeth can be unsightly, and naturally many people would like to avoid them. Most are caused chewing foods or consumables (like tobacco) that ...

How to Prevent Tea From Staining Your Teeth | eHow

Tobacco, coffee, tea and red wine can stain your teeth. Over time, these stains become more pronounced. ... How to Keep My Teacups From Staining.

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