can you get drunk from......?

... Can YOU Get DRUNK From ONE BEER? from people who know at Ask Experience. ... How many cans of beer does it require to get you drunk? ANY beer but ONLY beer. - Read more

It is possible to get drunk off 1 beer. But it depends on how much you have ate. Your weight and age. AnswerParty on! More Info: - Read more

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Can you get drunk from drinking too much water?

Q: Can you drink too much water? A: Yes, drinking too much water could be fatal. But it's very rare. Our expert: Pennie Taylor

How drunk can you get -haha - YouTube

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. ... 7:27. Play next Play now WWYD? - A Couple Of Underage American Soldiers Can't Get Drunk At The Bar!

How can you get drunk from Stoli Vodka? - Russian dogs

Question by lovelylady29: How can you get from Stoli Vodka? I have gotten drunk of Burnett’s a few times, pretty tipsy from Smirnoff but, I have never gotten drunk ...

Can vanilla get you drunk?

can you actually get drunk on mouthwash, ... aftershave and other personal care products, and, yes, vanilla extract. Whatever gets you through the night.

Can you get/feel drunk from Klonopin? - Fluther

Be sure and read the medical information sheet that came with the medication. It can be very useful. If you didn’t get one, look at this article under it’s ...

Can you get drunk from smoking shisha ? |

Can you get drunk from smoking shisha ? At The place of water you put alcohol .

Can you get drunk from drinking shou wu chic

Askville Question: Can you get drunk from drinking shou wu chic : Drink

Can Cancer Patients Really Get 'Drunk' From Docetaxel ...

Can Cancer Patients Really Get 'Drunk' From Docetaxel? Comment Now. ... So how much docetaxel would you get? Do you know your body surface area? I thought not.

Mod The Sims - Drinks For Your Sims - updated for patch 1 ...

Sims 3; Sims 4; All; Top Items; Themed Sets; Creator Challenges; Llama Goodies; Silver Monkey; Download Categories. Sims; Pets; ... so now you can get drunk from them ...


Can You Drink Hand Sanitizer or Get Drunk on It?

Can You Drink Hand Sanitizer? Drinking and Getting Drunk From Hand Sanitizer

You Can Now Get Drunk From Smoking With A New $35 Alcohol ...

A new device that allows users to vaporize alcohol to exponentially increase its effects has parents everywhere concerned. The $35 Vaportini was released i

can you get drunk by eating candy made with alcohol? such ...

Its kind of like asking, "Can you get drunk from sauce with wine?". It might be possible, but why? WHY? But no, probably not. orksecurity 5 years agoReply.

The Straight Dope: Can you get drunk on Listerine? How ...

Dear Cecil: Recently I came across an article in the Boston Globe stating, essentially, that a woman drank some Listerine, drove, and was subsequently arrested for DUI.

Can you get drunk from eating chocolate liqueurs? - Quora

It's that time of year again where I receive lots of boxes chocolate liqueurs for Christmas, is it possible to eat enough of them to get drunk and numb the pain?