Do salamanders have phalanges?

The thumb and large toe do not possess a ... the proximal phalanges have a body that is compressed ... as compared with the distal phalanges of the finger, ... - Read more

Where do salamanders live? It's a good idea to know their natural surroundings if you find one you want to keep, or if you're buying one as a pet. - Read more

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marc tadros | 2014-17-09 05:55

hey my salamander its a fire belly and its hand got cut off, will it grow back.

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A salamander is an amphibian with a lizard-like appearance but no scales. Salamanders are thought to be among the oldest living...

The Phalanges Files: Chinese Giant Salamander

The Chinese Giant Salamander is kind of cool because it's actually the biggest amphibian in the whole world. It can grow up to six feet, although most ...

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The Salamanders have been ... This relatively unsettled Nocturnean continent's people provide comparatively few recruits for the Salamanders, as they do not live ...

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What do salamanders eat? KidsOutAndAbout naturalist Liz Thompson has the answer.

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Salamanders have good vision, an excellent sense of smell and taste; ... and marbled salamanders, hibernate by burrowing; do not disturb them during this time

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Salamander Facts Did you know that the word salamander means fire lizard in Greek language? Go through this article for some interesting facts about these amphibians.

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What do Salamanders eat? The type of food salamanders eat depend on the age. ... The salamander do not have scales and they are often wet and slimy.

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Do you know how to care for a salamander? Find out how to care for a salamander in this article from HowStuffWorks.

Newts and Salamanders (Caudata) Classifications

Newts and salamanders (Caudata) are a group of amphibians that include about 10 subgroups and 470 species. Newts and salamanders have a long, slender body, a long ...


Salamander - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Salamanders do not have claws, and the shape of the foot varies according to the animal's habitat. Climbing species have elongate, square-tipped toes, ...

What do Salamanders Eat? - Buzzle

What do Salamanders Eat? Unaware of what salamanders eat, people who keep them as pets tend to feed them stuff which is not good for their health.

what do salamanders eat

What do salamanders eat? ... Adult salamanders at the water stage eat also the aforesaid food animals completed with ... after you have laid him on its back.

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If you have ever wondered where these unique creatures live, read on to find out. Want to Know it? Answers to life's questions ... Where do salamanders live?

What do salamander have?

Find Answers now: What do salamander have?, Mr. TellMe is #1 search engine of Meanings and Definitions.

How to Care for and Feed Salamanders: 16 Steps

How to Care for and Feed Salamanders. One fact of life is that salamanders have cute faces. ... Do not handle your salamander.

Salamanders - Does God Exist?

WHERE DO THEY LIVE? Like the frogs, most salamanders have a larval stage in the water and an adult stage which may be spent in water or on land.

What Do Black Salamanders Eat? | eHow

What Do Black Salamanders Eat? By Theresa Bartolo, eHow Contributor Share Tweet Share Pin; Found This Helpful. Salamanders have moist skin similar to frogs.

What Do Salamanders Eat - Life123 - Articles and Answers ...

Wondering what do salamanders eat? If you're squeamish, you may not care for the answer. Salamanders are carnivores, so you'll need to keep them fed with live insects.

What Senses Do Salamanders Have? | eHow

What Senses Do Salamanders Have?. Because of their moist skin and other similar features, salamanders have been mistaken for lizards.

Salamanders and Newts - Nature Haven

Salamanders have 4 toes on their front feet where lizards have five. They range in size from less than 2 inches ... These salamanders lack lungs, but they do breathe.

What Do Salamanders Eat? - Yukozimo

Salamanders, lizard-like looking ... They have the ability to climb up trees and other plants to chase after their meal. ... What Do Fish Eat? What Do Birds Eat?

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The Salamanders were the XVIII Legion of the Space Marine Legion created by the Emperor of Mankind. Their Primarch was Vulkan. The legion remained loyal ...

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You may be here because you're wondering "what do salamanders eat." Salamanders are curious critters that often disappear as quickly as you spot them.

Salamander - HowStuffWorks "Animals"

Salamander, a tailed amphibian. Salamanders are cold-blooded animals (their temperature changes with that of their surroundings). They have soft skin that is usually ...