Exercise: is this enough?

How much exercise do you really need? While most people want to know how much or how little exercise they need, it's not a simple question to answer. - Read more

The Institute of Medicine says that in order to maintain optimal cardiovascular health, at least an hour a day of exercise is needed. Really? - Read more

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"How much exercise is enough for what?," asks David Bassett, Jr., PhD, a professor in the department of exercise, sport, and leisure studies at the University of ...

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This exercise is to practice as....as, enough and too

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So the difference between your "on days" and "off days" is you jog for 10 minutes more on the "on days"? As a teen, you need to be eating at least 1500 calories - you ...

How Much Exercise Is Enough to Lose Weight?

A reader asks: How much exercise is enough? Should I bother if I can't exercise for long periods of time? How long will it take lose 50 pounds?

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Is this enough exercise? - posted in Exercise: Im going to walk for 45 minutes 5 times a week and every day do a 20 minute strengthening youtube video? Is this okay?

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I am trying to get in to a reasonable exercise program that I will like and be able to maintain. I want to eventually do couch to 5k but just discovered that I…

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Is This Enough? - posted in Exercise: Do you think this workout plus 30 min of running a day is enough exercise? or should I be doing this twice a day or different ...

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English exercise "'too' and 'enough'" created by anonyme with The test builder Click here to see the current stats of this English test . 1. There ...

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Sleep, water, sugar sufficiency must be the daily focus. Sun + sport must be the weekly focus. Making the world a better place for humanity, the animals ...


Is this enough exercise?

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Meh - it reaches the minimum for health, for actual fitness it's not enough. However, keep in mind that the OP says "on weekdays", weekends haven't been mentioned.

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Is this enough exercise? I walk back home from school which is a 3km walk. Then I usually walk to the gym which is another 2.2 km walk (I consider this my gym warm up).

Is This Enough Exercise?

Would this routine be ebough to lose weoght, doing it say about 4 times a week with dieting? Routine is 30 mins on exercise bike, 60 stomach crunches,

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Everyone’s exercise tolerance and fundamental needs are going to be unique, but there are a few things we can generalize. I think there is a minimum that almost ...

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Is increasing the amount of exercise the key to burning off fat faster? SGT Steve's answer may just surprise you!

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How Much Exercise Is Enough? 35. Posted June 13, 2013. GUEST POST BY TAHLEE ROUILLON. Possibly less than you think. Years ago, we were all encouraged to spend at ...

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Exercise How much is enough? : Exercise reduces heart disease risk, research shows the amount of calories burned per week is key.

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How much exercise is enough to lower my cholesterol? Learn more about how much exercise is enough to lower your cholesterol at Discovery Health.

How Much Exercise Is Enough to lose weight?

Exercise plays a crucial role in health and is vital for weight control. Some points to consider when deciding how much exercise is enough for weight loss.

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Is this enough exercise? Ok so I guess main question is do I do enough cardio/exercise? I walk 10-15mins briskly, twice a day, 4-5times a week.

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How much exercise is enough? Physical activity and gain in life expectancy — quantified

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