Why does Dallas have to be the center of attention for all things Texas? It seems like Dallas views itself as the only place in Texas and only acknowledges othe... - Read more

For anyone who lives in Dallas, Texas, there's a new store - GRAND OPENING, Tuesday, September 1st - at the corner of Preston & Forest! :)‌ - Read more

Discussion about FOR ANYONE WHO LIVES IN TEXAS?!!?


Anyone live in Texas ? - Page 2 - BabyCenter

I live in California and considering moving to Texas . How is the crime rate out there ? how's the atmosphere ? What is there to do out there? And how many years have ...

anyone else in : I Live In Texas Story & Experience

anyone else in : A true, personal story from the experience, I Live In Texas. anyone else in the southern part of texas mainly in the rgv?...

anyone who lives at westheimer lakes north in Katy Texas ...

Katy ISD is great! I am a teacher in KISD, so I'm an expert! Ok, so I don't live in WLN, but we were interested in learning more about the neighborhood and ...

If you know anyone who lives in Texas or Ohio - Georgia ...

If you know anyone who lives in Texas or Ohio Political Forum . GON Magazine | GON Marketplace : Georgia Outdoor News Forum > Woody's Campfire Talk > Political Forum ...

Anyone live in or near Bryan, Texas. - EvBoard ...

If you register for free, you will be able to post threads, vote on polls and lots more. If you have problems with the registration or logging in, please contact the ...

Anyone Live In Texas? [Archive] - Talk Budgies Forums

[Archive] Anyone Live In Texas? General Budgie Talk ... I'm the membership secretary for this national organization, I can check the list when I get home tonight.

Anyone live in West Texas? - Texas X Riders

Author: Topic: Anyone live in West Texas? (Read 5576 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.

If anyone still lives in Texas, get out before it's too ...

If anyone still lives in Texas, get out before it's too late. (Original post)

Anyone live in Texas?

Anyone live in Texas? Subscribe Search This Thread. Start a New Thread. post # 1 of 7. 1/16/09 at 9:15am Thread Starter . FrontPorchIndiana; Location: Indiana;


For anyone who lives in Texas, who is scared of hurricane ...

We survived Ike, a direct hit. Fortunately, this one is south of Texas, but still, Texas is on the dirty side of the storm. Hunker down and stay safe ...

Enjolras the Chief | For anyone who lives in Texas /cries

SXSW is specifically designed to make me cry late into the evening as I drive away from a place where I was literally a... lordofhighgarden said: Lets just wait and ...

Anyone live in Texas? - The Gearbox Software Forums

Anyone live in Texas? A:CM General Discussion (No Spoilers!) The Gearbox Software Forums > Gearbox Games > Aliens: Colonial Marines > A:CM General Discussion (No ...

!To anyone who lives in TEXAS! - Parallel Kingdom Forum ...

Hey I just wanted to make a more specific topic for tx..there's many already made if anyone lives in Texas msg me...we should like start a tx crew or ...

Anyone live in Houston Texas?

What's up? I was just wondering if anybody lives in houston texas that posts on this forum?

O/T- Anyone live in Texas? - BabyCenter

Hi- I'm from a 2011 board but it's been pretty slow lately and I really have been wanting some information about living in Texas so I thought I'd try this board out ...


hey i've been talking to ur older brother and he says that ur sister lives in san antonio, and is looking for a roomate, he said that she changed her phone ...

anyone who lives in Texas and understands the (BlueK ...

mentality probably agrees with you. Those who don't live in DFW probably have no idea how little attention is paid to TCU by the media here. They would probably be ...

Anyone live in Texas?

Anyone live in Texas? ... Real Estate

Does Anyone Live In Texas?? - Circle of Moms

does anyone live in texas?? - teenage mothers/young mothers Communities; Parenting; Pregnancy; Food And Fun; Kid Shopping; Family Life; Blogger. Top 25 Lists; Blogger ...

Author Topic: Anyone live in texas? (Read 2182 times)

I live in Texas. I've lived in Houston, Austin (live here now), and Mission.

Global Unreal • View topic - Anyone live in Texas?

Hey, I'm going down to Quakecon with a friend of mine for the first time however I know there were or at least used to be a decent amount of players from Texas.

Anyone Live In Texas? - Hunter/Jumper/Eq - HorseCity Forums

Just wondering if anyone on this board lives in Texas? I currently ride at Summer Hill Farms and am looking to switch barns...

Anyone live, or lived, in Houston, Texas? | Mumsnet Discussion

There is potential through DH's work for him to have a two year secondment to Houston. Don't know anything about it, haven't even been to the USA, bu

Anyone live in Texas? |

Does anyone live in Texas? Looking more friends I'm looking to loose 60 pounds I'm currently 195 I'm wanting to get around 130 looking for more support and modivation ...

San Antonio :: Anyone live in San Angelo, Texas?

I'm planning on moving soon. I live in West Texas (San Angelo, Texas) You may have never heard of it..It only has about 90,000 people..anyways, it's very boring...

Does anyone live in Texas?

Mainly within 2 hours of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex? If so, inbox me where you live and if you know any 9th gen Si owners that would be

Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum - Anyone live in north Texas?

So I have a strong job prospect in the far northern panhandle of Texas, couple hours north of Amarillo. Just wanted to see if anyone lived in that area?

Anyone receive their 8k that lives in Texas? - myFICO® Forums

I recently purchased my first home and would like to know from someone who lives in Texas or who sent their return to Texas how long did it take to receive your funds?

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