Hair color of Daisuke Motomiya?

Davis Motomiya, known in Japan as Daisuke Motomiya ... He has purple markings and spots all over his body as well as some orange hair on the back of his head. - Read more

Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya: Facts: Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Dark brown Age: 10-11 Digimon: DemiVeemon, Veemon, Flamedramon, ... - Read more

Discussion about Hair color of Daisuke Motomiya?

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Digimon Adventure 02 Motomiya Custom Made Cosplay Wig-in ...

Digimon Adventure 02 Motomiya Custom Made Cosplay Wig. ... Synthetic Hair Item Type: Wig,Half Wig Brand Name: Cosplay Length: Short Wigs Type: Cosplay Wigs Cap Size ...

Daisuke Motomiya Bleedstyle by DarkJanet on deviantART

Daisuke; in English name Davis from Digimon Adventure 02. Man, I love Digimon. Sketch by: Color of Sketchbook Pro by: ... Daisuke Motomiya Bleedstyle by DarkJanet.

Davis,Daisuke Motomiya by bleachxfan on deviantART

Davis,Daisuke Motomiya by bleachxfan. ... but it looked crappy scince i dident have a tablet so its just the colors. His hair and eyes make me really happy.

Daisuke Motomiya dress up by Hapuriainen on deviantART

Daisuke Motomiya, from Digimon Adventure 02 ... I spent countless hours crafting Daisuke themed items for her, ... the colors raging more than any rainbow

Makoto Motomiya by MintyPrussian on deviantART

Relatives: Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya, Jun Motomiya, unknown parents ... Hair Colour: Light Pinkish Red on top and darker red on the bottom Digivice Colour: Peridot

Makoto Motomiya by Dumuzi-ouji on deviantART

Relatives: Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya, Jun Motomiya, unknown parents ... Hair Colour: Light Pinkish Red on top and darker red on the bottom Digivice Colour: Peridot

Daisuke Motomiya - Witchelny, The Akashic Records

Daisuke Motomiya Daisuke is a human being from the ... D-Comm Colors: Red & Blue: D-Comm Symbol: Crest of Miracles: characters digimon_adventure humans tamers.

Digital love around the world - Tumblr

tags » #Digimon #digimon adventure #Digimon Adventure 02 #Digimon Tamers #Digimon Frontier #taichi yagami #daisuke motomiya #takato matsuda ... hair and goggles. :D;

another Mist x Daisuke by Yukari-motomiya on deviantART

Another Mist X Daisuke motomiya another my crazy scratching ... Beautifully detailed and carefully matched color palettes make up her distinctive gallery of inspiring ...


Daisuke Motomiya - GeoCities

Japanese Name: Motomiya Daisuke English Dub Name: Davis Motomiya ... Hair Color: Mahogany Eye Color: Deep Chocolate Brown Skin Color: Tanned, Caramel Colored

daisuke motomiya - Browsing deviantART

Motomiya Daisuke - Digimon 02 6 years ... Daisuke Motomiya Ken Ichijouji 7 years ago in Movies & TV. 0 Comments. More Like This. ... the colors raging more than any ...

daisuke motomiya - Browsing deviantART

My name is Daisuke Motomiya. ... I'm the girl with mahogany hair, tanned skin and chocolote brown eyes dressed in the powder blue bikini splashing water at my digimon ...

Daisuke MOTOMIYA | Characters | Anime-Planet

Daisuke MOTOMIYA information, including related anime and manga. ... Hair Color: Brown . Rank #3,292. Rank #2,198. Tags. Athlete, Goggles, Monster Tamer, Soccer Player;

Daisuke Motomiya Gray by Ds-Seraphim on deviantART

Here is Daisuke Motomiya in a ... Lineart & Color: Me :3 Daisuke Motomiya (c ... Yeah I checked how he looks in the last episode to take the base of his hair ...

DAVIS - Angelfire

Name: Motomiya "DAVIS" Daisuke Grade: 5 Age: 11 School: Odaiba Elementary Digi-Eggs: Courage and Friendship Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown

Absolute Anime • Digimon: Digital Monsters • Davis ...

Davis Motomiya: Daisuke Motomiya: Alias : Race. Human: Human: Gender. Male: Male: Age. 12 years: 11 years: Hair. Brown/red: Brown/red: Eyes. Brown: Brown: Height ...

Daisuke Motomiya - Wallpaper and Scan Gallery - Minitokyo

Daisuke Motomiya wallpaper and high quality picture gallery on Minitokyo. 1 wallpapers and 20 scans. Minitokyo . ... Spiky Hair. Daisuke Motomiya Wallpapers.

Motomiya Daisuke | Davis Motomiya - Works | Archive of Our

Motomiya Daisuke/Yagami Hikari ... Character(s) of Color (4) Asian Character(s) (4) Drama (4) Digimon Flash Bingo Challenge (3) Other Tags? Search within results?

☼ 本宮 大輔 - Tumblr

Motomiya Daisuke Hey! ... In those weeks, Daisuke looked taller and his hair was slightly longer, Taichi noticed.”Have you seen anyone around today?

Faith to Miracles - Angelfire

Name: (Japanese:) Motomiya Daisuke (Meaning: Big Help of the True Shrine) ... Short and wiry (But he’ll STILL never have big hair!) Family: Mrs. Motomiya ...

Daisuke Motomiya's Digimon - YouTube

Daisuke Motomiya's Digimon Bella Rafter. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 62. ... Colors of the Wind Digimon by Bella Rafter 41 views; 3:16. Play next

Jun and Daisuke Motomiya - YouTube

3:37 If You Seek Daisuke Motomiya and Renamon by Bella Rafter 161 views; ... 3:31 Yoru and Dai Colors of the Wind by Bella Rafter 66 views;

Daisuke Motomiya Colored by uzukun89 on deviantART

A colored version of Daisuke lineart which is drawn by~Yukari-motomiya. Thanks for your ... that supposed to be there to divide the blue and red color... Reply.

Daikari [TDpage] -

All informations and researches that are related to Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya are collected here. ... Crest & Color - Courage/friendship crest & orange/blue color.

Jett in Maroon (018) Daisuke/Davis Motomiya from...

... Daisuke/Davis Motomiya from Digimon Adventure 02 Tousled the top of the wig to make it ... We make them for big heads because we have big noggins and lots of hair.

Daisuke Davis Motomiya in Love Chapter 5: Daikeru, a ...

The brunette said holding out his hands in a defensive way and then ran his hand through his much shorter hair. ... were the colors of ... "Daisuke Motomiya ...

Daikari [TDpage] - S i s t e r P o w e r ! ♥ Mika and ...

Daisuke Motomiya Japanese name: Daisuke Motomiya ... but there was one with the same hair but it's color was different and he was much older than Davis should be at ...

Motomiya Daisuke | Davis Motomiya - Works | Archive of Our

Ichijouji Ken/Motomiya Daisuke | Ken Ichijouji/Davis Motomiya (35) ... Character(s) of Color (4) Asian Character(s) (4) Drama (4) Mental Health Issues (3) Other Tags?

Digimon Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya Custom Made Cosplay Wig ...

... in North America for Digimon Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya Cosplay Wig which is made of high quality material and prestyled by professional hair ... Color: Texture ...

story and characters -

Name: Motomiya "DAVIS" Daisuke Grade: 5 Age: 11 School: Odaiba Elementary Digi-Eggs: Courage and Friendship Hair Color: Brown ... Hair Color: Purple

Digimon Daisuke Davis Motomiya Halloween Cosplay Wig - coswig

Digimon Daisuke Davis Motomiya Halloween Cosplay Wig: ... Sprinkling hair lotion all wet before combing with special comb. Fingers or ESD free comb is alternative.

Davis (Daisuke Motomiya) Cosplay Information -

Collections of Davis (Daisuke Motomiya) cosplay costumes, doujin, ... Hair Extensions; Choose by Color; Blonde Wigs; Black Wigs; Brown Wigs;

Davis Motomiya - World News

Davis Motomiya - Hold On, Davis Motomiya, The Secret Life of Davis Motomiya - 'Trailer', Daisuke Davis Motomiya, Momentazos de Davis, Digimon Adventure 02 ...

::Digi::Info:: -

Davis Motomiya, known in Japan as Daisuke Motomiya (本宮 大輔 Motomiya Daisuke), ... In addition to the clothing changes, she also changes her hair color as well.

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