HELP MY HAIR??!?!?!?!?

Help! My Hair Is Falling Out! By Tracee Cornforth September 7, 2009. Follow me on: The advertisements for treatment of balding, and hair loss in men can't ... - Read more

Help! My hair is falling out. How much hair loss is OK? Everyone loses about 100 strands of hair a day. Find out what months you lose the most hair naturally and why. - Read more

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Help My Hair: Thinning Hair. Watch how NYC hairstylist Christo solves one of the most common hair problems for women--thinning hair.

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Read all 24 responses: "About three years ago when my first born was 5, my hair started falling out. Not in chunks, just all over. I went to numerous doctors about this.

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There are two reasons why you may not be seeing natural hair growth. Find out how you can fight breakage and increase growth here.

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Post-surgery hair loss? Anybody have experience with this? How long does it last? Does it grow back on its own? Do I need to see a doctor?

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I used to Google the phrase "my hair is falling out" obsessively when I was on the quest for anything that would halt my hair loss that had been going on for way too ...

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Terressentials Hair Help Resource Guide ... Hi, I have a really specific question regarding my own personal hair history and scalp situation.

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I remember the day when I was washing my hair in the shower, and it seemed like fistfuls of hair were coming out. I actually kept a bottle of Drano in the

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Dr. Perricone official blog. Keep up-to-date on the latest news and tips on anti-aging skin care, anti-inflammatory diet, and scientific developments

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If it concerns you try a short hair wig, one that is natural and just fun. Women are sometimes only as beautiful as they feel. I have seen many women ...


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What to do when you look in the mirror each morning thinking, "my hair is falling out"? Keep reading to find the best ways to help you fight the hair loss.

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There is nothing worse than a shower drain full of hair, especially if it's yours and it's falling out fast. Or perhaps you run your fingers through your hair and ...

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yes I have very dry dead hair .I have always bleached my hair my bangs and sides will grow but the back hasnt grew in five years .dry course hair runs in my family.

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Question: What Will Help My Hair Grow? My hair use to be thick and long but now my hair is thin, damaged, and over processed its horrible. It is about

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I decided to bleach my black hair blonde and now its orange and I dont know how to fix it!! Please help!!! Please leave your comments and video responses ...


Beyonce was caught in a real-life EMERGENCY on stage at her concert last night when her hair got tangled up in a stage fan -- and the crew scrambled to ...

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If you’re reading this, I take it you’ve done something to fry your hair. Or maybe you just haven’t taken good enough care of your hair and the results is fried ...

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Hair. Why does it cause such trouble? I am a natural brunette. Lovely chestnut hair which shimmers in the sunlight. A month or two ago, I decided to color ...

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9:55 Why you should NOT go natural. by Rachel Hope 3,420 views; 4:56 My scalp itches, hurts & feels like it's burning :-( by Rachel Hope 4,556 views

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As it so often does, my advice to you on the matter of salt-stained shoes begins with white vinegar. Shall I pause while you all holler about how I'm clearly a shill ...

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Question: Help! How Do I Style My Curly Hair? Hey, I've used a lot of your articles for various "beauty issues" but I'm still having difficulties with my hair.