Help With natural hair please !!!!!?

Hi ladies! I have a few questions about natural hair that I hope you can help with: 1. I have a 5 yr DD and was wondering when should I start getting her ends ... - Read more

well i have long hair in layers..i am doing something thats messing up my hair...i dont no is i use the right brush..i have very thick hair and it gots ... - Read more

Discussion about Help With natural hair please !!!!!?

Help With natural hair please !!!!!? resources

Blonde Natural Hair back to Dark? Please help! - Black ...

Hello ladies,I really need some help with my hair color. My hair currently looks like thisThis picture...

Help, My Natural Hair Will Not Grow - BlackNaps

... Home / Help, My Natural Hair Will ... only because I have dandruff and due to high heat my hair is discoloring so Amla helps with both ... Please checkout ...

Help With Hair Please? - Hair and Fashion - Emo Forums

Help With Hair Please? Started by crazy_whitmore , Oct 18 2008 10:42 PM. This topic is locked; ... I'd go for Natural Purest Black (That's the shade title)

Help! I have 4C, natural hair and it won't grow! | Curly ...

Help! I have 4C, natural hair and it ... I have been doing everything wrong and I am now just about to follow recommendations for natural 4c hair ... Please reply ...

natural hair growth: Natural hair growth? help please?

I started losing my hair since i was 20, now i am 25, why would it be? vitamins? any home made olives or some type stuff like that to regrow hair?

African Naturalistas: Please help: I lost my hair to ...

So, help! Please? A Hi A, Thanks for getting in touch with us. What happened to you is so unfortunate. ... How to make your natural hair softer and more manageable.

Terrible hair, please help. - Hair SOS - NATURAL HAIR FORUM UK

Hi everyone. I'm new here and desperately need some advice. I have naturally soft and bouncy curls which I used to proudly show off when my hair was very long (I was ...

thin hair,natural hair: Hair problem.Please help.?

My face is big and I have thin hair and out of volume. Is there any natural, home made recipe to thicken my hair? Hair problem.Please help.? try curls ...

Please try to help me define my natural hair color

Since I haven't seen my natural hair color in over 10 years, I have no idea what it is like. Which it is. I only have a inch of natural roots at the moment and I'm ...


PLEASE Help me with this! My hair needs NATURAL help!

Hello! I would be ever so thankful if you could help me with this problem. My hair is coming in grey more and more now (I'm 39 years of age). I HATE seeing

Please help!!! Natural hair gone wrong!!!3 - YouTube

This is my there video and I am so dead gone Ghetto serious need help with this hair.advices and encouragement for good healthy Spirit up lefting , and ...

natural hair: Hair Help Please?

I really need some help with a hair color. I would really like to dye my hair the same color as Diane Lane's when she was in the movie The Outsider's.

natural hair care: To Black Women with NATURAL HAIR or ...

I want my natural hair colour back, help me please... I want my natural hair color back quick!!!???? African American Natural Hair Suggestions?

Natural Newbie (sorta)- in peril with dry hair. Please help!

Natural Newbie (sorta)- in peril with dry hair. Please help! Hair Care Tips & Product Review Discussion ... Long Hair Care Forum > ...

Please help! Newly natural with lots of heat damage ...


My Hair Stopped Growing - Natural Hair Rules!!!

My hair stopped growing for a ... from Growing Long Natural Hair; 3 Ways To Help You Keep It Cute and ... styles and what to do to go natural. Please help ...

PLEASE HELP Done with my natural red hair! Pic included ...

Hey I'm a natural redhead but have never really like my hair color. What color should I dye it? Would love pictures and opinions! Thanks!

Please Help: Pincurls on Natural Hair - Black Hair Media Forum

Junior Member Joined: Aug 05 2008 Status: Offline Points: 421 Topic: Please Help: Pincurls on Natural Hair Posted: Feb 02 2009 at 4:41pm

I want curly hair! Please help! - CurlTalk

I've always loved and wanted curly afro hair but my hair is naturally straight/slightly wavy !! I occaisionally 'rag curl' my hair which takes hours but it generally ...

Hairstyles for Transitioning to Natural Hair & More Tips

Whether you want to transition from relaxed to natural hair without a big ... Natural Hair Mantras That Will Inspire (Please ... to get faster help and answers ...

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