How can I rephrase this?

according to my english teacher this sentence just seems awkward so i need to rephrase it somehow either changing words or i dont know but this is the sentence. - Read more

"We hide his real name under the name Luke". How do you rephrase this sentence? - Read more

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Can you rephrase this sentence?

"For if strengthening China is the overriding purpose of politics, and then arguably democracy may be less effective then other political systems."

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How to Paraphrase a Sentence | eHow... You May Also Like. How to Paraphrase to Avoid Plagiarism. How to Paraphrase a Sentence. The art of paraphrasing can take some ...

How can I rephrase this? (spanish question) -- LiveWire ...

Can you change it slightly and say something like, "There is conflict between the two" or something? I don't really know Spanish, but I can think of how it would be ...

how can I rephrase this using a modal verb? - English ...

"Jim keeps giving me presents." the meaning must stay the same.. but I don't know which modal verb would be suitable.. I'd appreciate your help.

How can I rephrase this better? [PS} - The Student Room

How can I rephrase this better? [PS} Tweet. Announcements Posted on Reply jhomie View ... this can't be left empty. your full birthday is required.

How can you rephrase this sentence so that it doesn't have ...

Homework Help How can you rephrase this sentence so that it doesn't have the word "reader"... Topic: Grammar

rephrase - definition of rephrase by The Free Dictionary

Translations of rephrase. rephrase synonyms, rephrase antonyms. ... "Can you translate the instructions in this manual for a layman?"; ...

Can you help me rephrase this? | Tutor Universe

The sentence that you have given to rephase is "It gave him purpose." This structure can be a little tricky, because one may automatically assume that him is the ...

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English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. It's 100% free, no ...


How can I rephrase this sentence?(the suggestion doesnot ...

How can I rephrase this sentence?(the suggestion doesnot help ) 0. ... Rephrase this into a complete thought, ... You can sign up and log in with your Facebook, ...

How to rephrase this sentence to make it reads concise and ...

How to rephrase this sentence to make it reads concise and better? 8 replies. ... Remember, you can get all of the information in with good grammar.

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Help rephrase the sentence to make it sound better? How do you rephrase this sentence to sound better? Essay help, could you please rephrase these sentences so they ...

What does rephrase mean? definition, meaning and ...

What does rephrase mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word rephrase. ... Now you can lookup any word in our dictionary, ...

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