How did Blues originate?

The question "where did the Blues originate" is not an easy one to answer. Ask ten different blues fans, and you are likely to get ten different answers. - Read more

Where Did Rhythm and Blues Music Originate?. Rhythm and blues music, or R&B, is a uniquely American sound, and although it began as a style performed and listened to ... - Read more

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Where did Blues music originate? - Fluther

Many cities and countries for that matter claim Blues and Jazz originated in their town. Where do you think the Blues originated? I contend its Henderson, Kent

Where did rhythm and blues originate?

Rhythm and Blues also known as R & B originated in the United States, but there is no single city, state or region that can lay claim to source.

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Where Did Dreadlocks Originate? Hair. Dreadlocks, it is believed to have originated in Hinduism and in the ancient Vedic scriptures. ... Where Did Blues Music Originate?

How Did Facebook Originate - LoveToKnow

To answer the question, "How Did Facebook Originate" one doesn't have to look that far back in history. Although the social networking site has more than 200 million ...

Where did "blue 42" originate? - Quora - Quora - Your Best ...

Answer 1 of 1: "Blue 42" is an audible call for a predefined play. ... Football (US): Where did "blue 42" originate? Follow Question 3 . 1 Answer. Ask to Answer.

How did rock music originate? - FunAdvice

how did rock music orginate ... Rock and Roll music started as a simplification of Rhythm & Blues. Rock and Roll appealed more to kids because it seemed less ethnic ...

Where Did Blue Eyes Originate From? - Banoosh

Where Did Blue Eyes Originate From? Where Did Blue Eyes Originate From? BY Monte Aldone, Apparently Apparel Studies carried out by scientists from the Institute of ...

Where Did the Term Blue Chip Originate - About

Answer: High-quality stocks have been called "blue chips" for decades. The term comes from poker where the highest chip denomination is colored blue.

Where did Jazz Originate? [5W&H for kids] | Pitara Kids ...

Where did Jazz Originate?: With origins in the soulful blues sung by African slaves in America, Jazz has evolved into one of the modern world's most enduring musical ...


How did the blues scale originate? - Quora

Blues players will also employ the major third in their solos and phrases; however, if this is overdone, it will take the feeling away from that of the blues and make ...

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Where did blues music originate? The blues originated from the plantation-style, call and response-type singing by African-American slaves in the southern ...

Where Did Blues Music Originate? - Blues Guitar DVD

Blues music is really popular at the moment, but where did it come from? We look at its origins right here. Where Did Blues Music Originate?

Why did the style blues originate?

Find Answers now: Why did the style blues originate?, Mr. TellMe is #1 search engine of Meanings and Definitions.

Where Did Blues Music Originate? - Blurtit

The Blues originated from African-American communities in the south of the United States. At the beginning of the 20th century, blues music began to develop out of ...

Where Did the Term “The Blues” Come From and How Did ...

Where Did the Term “the Blues” Come From and How Did the Expression for Sadness Originate? 2010-05-30 by Karen Hill Leave a Comment

How did r&b music originate? - | Ask ...

How did r&b music originate? Rhythm and Blues--R&B--music got its start in the 1940s. By the 1950s R&B music was beginning to crossover onto pop radio.

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This thread originates from within 'usenet', ... Dr. Jai Maharaj: [nq:1]think of blues music. how did 'biue' first come to mean sad? isn't blue kind of a peaceful, ...

Where did the name blue-color originate?

Find Answers now: Where did the name blue-color originate?, Mr. TellMe is #1 search engine of Meanings and Definitions.

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