How do you come up with a good instant messenger screen name?

... How to Add Google Talk Contacts to Yahoo Messenger, How to Look Up Yahoo ... Yahoo Messenger instant chats, you ... name implies, Yahoo Messenger allows you to ... - Read more

If you already have one on your PC, you're good ... How do I set up my phone for Instant Messenger? ... using Virgin Mobile Instant Messenger? Yes! You can ... - Read more

Discussion about How do you come up with a good instant messenger screen name?

How do you come up with a good instant messenger screen name? resources

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this message is not working for me either how do you ... i have to send them 3 more mess so theres will come up past where you ... You now have Instant Messenger.


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The official Web site of AOL Instant Messenger. Exchange messages with friends, family, and colleagues online.


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Do you know whom your kids are ... Did you ever sign up with an Instant Messenger client so ... and each time there is an email associated with your IM screen name ...


Trillian, the free instant messenger ... Your conversations come with you. ... Continue chatting on your phone as you take the train to work. Wrap things up when you ...

How to Find Good Screen Name Ideas? | Name Ideas

A screen name (screenname or s/n) is a name that uniquely identifies a user within an online system, instant messaging software, platform roleplay games ...

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