how mant mgs of robitussin to get high?

how many mgs of dxm is good amount to get mildly high? ... Don't end up like fubi man ... you won't get a good peak. Just go for 4oz Robitussin or generic and ... - Read more

swim wants to get high off of robitussin and swim needs some advice such as how much to take and tips on standing the taste. ... Find something else man. #14 ... - Read more

Discussion about how mant mgs of robitussin to get high?

how mant mgs of robitussin to get high? resources

Method Man - I Get So High Ft. Redman & Toni Braxton - YouTube

Method Man - I Get So High Ft. Redman & Toni Braxton ... Toni Braxton - You're Makin' Me HIgh by ToniBraxtonVEVO 2,292,797 views; 128 videos Play all

Buy Guaifenesin and Codeine (Robitussin Ac) | Best Med Shops

WHERE YOU CAN GET: GOOD PRICES HIGH QUALITY ... Excessive hair loss can occur man who suffers from heart disease and brings to her. ... (Robitussin Ac) ...

How to Use Dextromethorphan for POTS, anxiety, depression ...

... or antidepressants when used at higher doses. Dextromethorphan was created as ... Get instructions from your doctor ... 150 mgs of dextromethorphan two ...


... I WANT TO GET HIGH (ONE DRAW) I wanna get high, so high I wanna get high, ... hey what you say Give mi some of yu sense Hey iyah man, ...

Erowid DXM Vault : Electric Cough-Syrup Acid Test, by Jim ...

... Copyright Harper's Magazine Foundation Jun 1993 THE ELECTRIC COUGH-SYRUP ACID TEST From "Poor Man's ... as Robitussin Maximum Strength ... to get you high--though ...

Teens Find A Dangerous, Cheap High In Cough Medicine

The use of cough medicine to get high is rising among teenagers ... * A man who discovered two nieces watching a ... Robitussin DM, NyQuil, DayQuil ...

how to get high rank combat staff? - Metal Gear Solid ...

For Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "how to get high rank combat staff?". ... but if you light a man on fire ...

Kids are taking up to 750mgs of Benadryl to get high ...

Kids are taking up to 750mgs of Benadryl to get high? Latest: ... they could get enough robitussin in ... a man had a severe reaction to a ...

Best Time to Get Pregnant - JustMommies

What people can’t seem to agree on is the best time for that one egg to be fertilized by a man ... day to get pregnant. ... High Fertility; Get Pregnant ...


Robitussin and its Effect on Cervical Mucus

Robitussin works on the cervical mucus and increases ... Higher doses of Clomid tend to be more associated with less ... Can Robitussin Really Help Me Get ...

Robitussin Cough and Congestion question - General

Robitussin Cough and Congestion ... USP 10 mgs per 5 ml tsp and ... Just heard a story on the local news of four high school girls that used cough medicine to get ...

What Is Robitussin DM? - LIVESTRONG.COM - Lose Weight ...

... according to the Robitussin website. Robitussin DM now is called ... If you get a rash or ... lethargy, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure ...

Drinking Robitussin due to complete boredom -

Drinking Robitussin is one of the easiest ways to get high on DXM, ... This is no huge shock as I often have a fairly high tolerance to ... The Old Man and the Sea:

Cough Syrup Abuse: Teens Are Drinking the Stuff to Get High

... tells WebMD that his team was originally testing the antiseizure effect of the cough syrup ... The young man confided to ... were using to "get high ...

Words related to robotrippin - Urban Dictionary: robotrippin

... to get intoxicated. will induce a high or hallucinogen effect if enough is consumed. drinking a large amount of robitussin to get ... man? Im robotrippin ...

Addicted to cough medicine? - Dateline NBC | NBC News

Addicted to cough medicine? ... Greg Frary drove to his son's apartment. A maintenance man let ... that it takes about a bottle of liquid or eight pills to get high.

!! advice, robitussin. coughgels.!! | Rollitup

... as long as they arent the type to trip out and get scared . Just remember nothing is really happaning your just high and the ... if you took 16 thats 240 mgs.

How to Intensify your "High" - Page 3 - Apprentice Tokers

Personally, I like the 40z with a blunt.Robitussin aka DXM: Take 300 mgs ... Dead_Body_Man. ... had any tips/tricks you use to get "Higher" and also if there are ...

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