How many number one hits has Elton John had?

Elton John has had sixteen number one hits so far. His career is far from over. AnswerParty! More Info: Sir Elton Hercules John CBE (born ... - Read more

How many songs has Elton John written? Answer: There are too many songs to know ... How many number one hits has Elton John had? How many movies has Elton John been in? - Read more

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How many number one hits has Elton John had? resources

Did John Lennon have a solo number one in his lifetime?

Did John Lennon have a solo number one in ... Elton John had remarked to Lennon ... was Bowie's first #1 U.S. hit. He would also log in many sessions with ...

Elton John: Rocket Man: Number Ones | PopMatters

Elton John: Rocket Man: Number Ones. ... and little of his music has touched upon ... It’s also fascinating how many pop hits he had during a period when man-to-man ...

Elton John Biography | Rolling Stone

Elton John established the formula for ... John's biggest hit in 1976 was the Number One Kiki Dee ... Elton had his biggest since 1980—and while he wouldn't ...

Elton John - Elton John Wiki

His success has had a profound ... at number 91; similarly, the three Elton John ... called Elton John One Night Only - The Greatest Hits from the show ...

Elton John - Rock Music Wiki

Elton John Edit History; ... In his five-decade career John has sold more than 250 million records, making him one of the most ...

Elton John - The Very Best Of Elton John (1990) "Reload"

Elton John - The Very Best Of ... he only had two number one hits in Britain although he had several in America during the same ... Elton had too many great songs to ...

20 Essential Elton John Songs » Stickboy Daily

Elton John’s first hit is also one of his ... It reached number five in the UK chart and has since become ... Elton had never had a solo number one in the UK ...

"One Poor Correspondent": Elton and John

The pair had already recorded Elton's cover of "Lucy in the Sky With ... "Lucy in the Sky" was the first Number One hit of 1975. By then, John and Yoko ...

Elton John - Greatest Hits Vol 2 (10 tracks) +Album ...

"Elton John's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 is an outstanding CD that gives us so many of his greatest accomplishments. The sound quality is great and I love the artwork.


Elton John - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... he finally achieved his first UK number one hit ... Elton John has been ... a teenage haemophiliac he had befriended. He founded the Elton John AIDS ...

Elton John Facts, information, pictures | ...

Elton John. Once famed for his campy outrageousness and string of successful pop songs, English musician Elton John (born 1947) has more recently made a name for ...

Elton John: Greatest Hits 1970-2002 | PopMatters

It feels pretty pointless to recount Elton John’s achievements. You know how many hits Elton John has had. You know which songs of his have entered the public lexicon.

Elton John: Greatest Hits - Music on Google Play

Rarely has a greatest-hits collection been as effective as Elton John' ... it features every one of his Top Ten singles ... Elton John has it going on.

The Very Best of Elton John: Musik

... he has had at least four further UK number one hits. So while many people consider ... Elton had too many great ... von Elton John's grössten Hits und ...

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