How much is a milkshake at roccotillos?

My friends raved about their milkshakes, ... An American Diner in Bristol. Roccotillos gets the look and the feel ... considering the very much cheap and ... - Read more

Overall I would highly recommend giving Rocotillos a visit even if just for a milk shake ! Was ... Roccotillos just off Clifton ... (too much female ... - Read more

Discussion about How much is a milkshake at roccotillos?

How much is a milkshake at roccotillos? resources

1000 Miles On Kindness by Sean Hood

We didn’t miss much however as it was quite cloudy. ... Milkshake at Roccotillos followed as too did a wander up to Twoday Coffee to find it was closed.

January | 2011 | Veggie Victuals

... but for a treat on a sunny afternoon in Southampton you can’t get much ... Roccotillos gets the look and ... fries in a basket and obscenely rich milkshakes.

Gas & Co | Bristol Culture

... not a new Bristol Rovers fan club but a new American-style diner on Whiteladies Road ... milkshakes (in a diner ... to the much lower price tags of roccotillos ...

Henry Leach - Notes

... even if they are almost identical to poetry. The performance, delivery and music makes the meaning and inflections much clearer, ...

Fluffy's Pizza - World News

Fluffy's Pizza. Videos; Video Details; News; Wiki; Images; Related; Collage; BBC Results; Shopping; history; Follow @worldnewsdotcom add. add longest ...

Cheap Restaurants in Bristol - The Student Room

... which is a bit much. Thanks very much for any ... Surprised that nobody's mentionned Roccotillo's on the Triangle ... The oreo milkshake is amazing too, ...

American (Traditional) Bristol, United Kingdom

Top American (Traditional) in Bristol, United Kingdom Rocotillos, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, The Hobgoblin, Grillstock Smokehouse, McDonald's Restaurants, frankie and ...


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