I fell on my tailbone really hard?

I fell very hard when my legs just gave out, so that my entire weight was behind the hit the edge of a step directly on my tailbone. If I fractured it, what are ... - Read more

How to convince my doctor of my lower back pain? Hard fall on tailbone ... I fell on my tailbone and a ... I fell down the stairs and hurt my tailbone really bad ... - Read more

Discussion about I fell on my tailbone really hard?

I fell on my tailbone really hard? resources


My tailbone hurt for days, but all was well ... YOU WOULD HAVE TO FALL ON YOUR STOMACH REALLY REALLY HARD TO CAUSE ... I fell ON my tummy when I was 29 weeks ...

Anyone else had bruised tailbone? Recovery length ...

i've injured my tailbone 3 different times from ... the front of and yanking my knees apart in one hard stroke to ... really hesitant about having my wife ...

Video: How to Tell if You Have a Broken Tailbone ...

... you have had a fall or an accident in which you fell in the ... or your tailbone impacted a hard surface ... structure that will really give us a ...

diagnose bump on tailbone · Lymph Nodes (Glands) Issues ...

I also never fell on my tailbone ... I really want these to dissapear, ... hard bump near my tailbone Guest ...

My tailbone has been really sore and it is difficult to walk

My tailbone has been really sore and it is difficult to walk, sit, or bend over. ... It sounds like you have likely bruised your coccyx (your tailbone).

Ok so i tumbled really hard? - Drug3k

... its like my tailbone ... few days ago I would be less worried however if it happened recently there could be serious problems especially if you fell "really hard ...

Viewer Comments and Reviews: Tailbone (Coccyx) Injury ...

My feet slipped from underneath me and fell onto a ... pain and tailbone injury changing someone's life have me really concerned ... right on my tailbone!

Sore bump near tailbone · Bone, Joint and Ligament ...

I am a 23 year old female and I have a very sore bump near my tailbone, ... I really don't want to spend the money on a ... hard bump near my tailbone ...

Broken Tailbone Symptoms - Buzzle

I was really tensed as first was not able to figure out the cause and ... I hurt my tailbone 2 times in a week when I ... I fell about 2 months ago and hit my back.


I hit my tailbone really hard but theres no bruise ...

I hit my tailbone really hard but theres no bruise, Ask a Doctor about Bruise

Viewer Comments and Reviews: Tailbone (Coccyx) Injury ...

In my situation, I fell backwards from climbing on top of ... broke and slightly displaced my tailbone. ... and my feet went up and I landed on my bottom really hard.

Broken tailbone ruins exercise plans - About.com

I broke my tailbone 12 years ago, never got treated ... I was roller blading earlier this afternoon and I fell really hard when I made a hair pin turn around a sharp ...

coccyx (tailbone)?Hard ball on my - mcrh.org

Hard ball on my coccyx (tailbone)? ... I noticed about a week ago a slight pain on my tailbone and asked my boyfriend to ... I fell on my coccyx and its causing me ...

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