I got a 1660 on the SAT?

hey ,, I got 1660 in my November test .. and i'll re-take the exam in next May .. - Read more

Got a 27 on my ACT, ... i got a 30 on ACT and 1290/1500 on SAT 27 is rly good tho ... 2000+ SAT pl0x I had a 1660, only took it once, ... - Read more

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How much can you increase your SAT scores with studying ...

I got a higher initial SAT score than my sister, ... My friend from a professional prep school (met at a choir camp, srs) went from a 1660 to a fullblown 2360.

Got the 1660s out.... - Case and David Brown Forum ...

Got the 1660s out.... discussion in the Case and David Brown forum at Yesterday's Tractors.

SAT/LSAT Conversion Forumla - Top-Law-Schools.com

SAT/LSAT Conversion Forumla : Page 1 of 8 ... I got a 168. woulda been nice, ... 1660 on the SAT for Rossum. Top . prettypithy

SAT Test Prep - SAT Tutoring - Bell Curves

"Bell Curves not only boosted my SAT scores, but also my confidence, by teaching me better ways to approach the test. The strategies I learned helped me immensely!"

Let's see your truck's waterfowl decals : Vehicle forum

I got a bunch on the back window too. Waterfowl ... Sat Feb 24, 2007 2:46 pm ... ajmorell Forum Moderator Posts: 1660 Joined: Fri Aug 10, 2007 7:40 am Location ...

What is a good SAT score? | Improve SAT score | Increase ...

a good SAT score is different for each student and college. ... I recently got my SAT score and i got a 1800 ... My overall SAT score for the December SAT is 1660 ...

ART IS BEAUTY: Roadside Rescue Free Desk and Chair Makeover

I got this desk for free as it was ... It sat about 3 months in my garage while I ... I am vendor 1660 located on the first floor at the Chicago Drive ...

Diary of Samuel Pepys/1660/January - Wikisource, the free ...

Diary of Samuel Pepys by Samuel Pepys January 1660: ... Blessed be God, ... and there sat with Mr. Ashwell talking and singing till nine o'clock, ...

Samuel Pepys November Month 1660 complete

Samuel Pepys Diary November 1660 : The Complete Diary November ... where we sat and drank and ... so I got a sculler for sixpence to carry me ...


Is a 1660 a good SAT score? or average? or bad?

Question:out of 2400 Answers: Your score is about average like the others said. The first time I took the SAT test I got around 1700 on my first go around.

Can I get into Oregon with a 2.9 GPA and 1660 SAT??

I got in with a 2.8 and a 1510 of course, that's when 1600 was the max I lived by the credo, if you don't need to do your homework, then fr*ckin don't do it.

Pacific SAT Prep

My SAT scores came in and this time I got a 1970, where as last time I got a 1830. I was shooting for a 2000 or above but I'm pretty happy about this ... 1660 to 1740 ...

Huntington Learning Center - Bayshore in Bay Shore, NY ...

1660 SAT – My daughter initially scored a 1320 on her SAT. After three months at Huntington, she scored a 1660. This not only got her into her college choice, but ...

case 1660 in field pic - Combines and Harvesters Forum ...

case 1660 in field pic discussion in the Combines and Harvesters ... Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:24 pm ... Got a picture from the front? Back to top: 1370pwr in ne

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