I'm an Overweight Bulimic and..?

I'm so sorry. I do relate. When I was at my highest weight, my bulimia was at its worst and nobody would have suspected that I was struggling with an ED (well, my ... - Read more

New, overweight and bulimic , help? ... But I convince myself that because I'm overweight I can't have an ED. Is there anyone out there who is overweight with bulimia? - Read more

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Underweight and Bulimic? - WhyEat

I'm underweight and I'm just ... is that we're high end of normal or even overweight 02 ... not underweight, i'm still big AND bulimic... great 02 ...

I'm bulimic, but i'm also overweight.. and so very lost.

I'm bulimic, but i'm also overweight.. and so very lost. ... Calorie Camp


I was bulimic and overweight, ... I'm 20 yrs old and I have been struggling for the two years or so, maybe even my whole life, with an eating disorder.

Anyone here overweight and bulimic? · Eating Disorders ...

But it's crazy to think I know I'm struggling with bulimia and I'm over 50 pounds overweight. ... I wasn't sure if you COULD be considered overweight and bulimic.

A fat bulimic? - Mental Health Forum

I'm not sure where you got your ... I had a massive arguement with my sister over this as she laughed at a girl on the jeremy kyle show who was overweight but bulimic ...

I want to become bulimic... - Seventeen

I'm not even going to try to stop you because I know how it is. ... you are not overweight. if u do become bulimic or even develop a eating disorder, ...

Blog for Bulimics - Tumblr

... under the same title and domain name bulimia101.tumblr.com, ... I'm bulimic, hence coming to your ... My problem is that I'm overweight, ...

Can an anorexic person become overweight?

I'm just wanting some ... if an anorexic person becomes overweight then they are a ... I am a recovered anorexic/bulimic/and from anorexia athletica and do not ...

Starved - Reviews and watch free online full

... Dan, who works as a writer, is an overweight compulsive-eater; ... Adam is a bulimic NYPD cop; Dan, who works as a writer, is an overweight compulsive-eater; ...


Bulimic and overweight. - Community Introductions - Forums ...

Hi everyone. I'm Grace. Sporadically bulimic and always overweight. I hate it, but I can't stop myself from turning to binge/purge dieting when I get stressed.

am i the only overweight bulimic? | Bulimia Help

I'm also overweight and have been normal weight to overweight my whole ... here are a couple of older threads where people talk about being overweight and bulimic:

Does an overweight Bulimic exist? : Bulimia Nervosa Forum ...

I am heavy. *edited* to be precise. (i'm sorry to break the primary rule of the page but I feel this is vital to the story) I am 22 years old and have suffered with ...

Overweight and bulimic? : Bulimia Nervosa Forum - Psych forums

Hi, I'm nearly twenty years old and have been bulimic for 5 years. I started starving myself when I was 14, lost a ton of weight (cos I was quite overweight) and then ...

Anyone here overweight and bulimic? · Eating Disorders ...

I'm overweight, and I struggle with ... Hi i would like to say that i am 32 years of age i too have an overweight and bulimic situation for many years of ...

am I the only fat bulimic - Your Bulimia Recovery

... overweight bulimic by: ... I'm fifteen and started purging when I was fourteen and it kills me to hear that you have lived so much of your life in emotional ...

Bulimic and Overweight? - Mental Health Forum

Is anyone here bulimic and overweight? I am 16. I have been Bulimic, with starving tendencies, ... I'm now learning to accept my body for the way it looks.

overweight but bulimic? - RYL Forums - RecoverYourLife.com ...

well i'm not bulimic but i do have a lot of the "habits" and i'm overweight too (size 14 but im only 5feet tall).

Can You Be Bulimic and Overweight? - FINDINGbalance

Can you be bulimic and overweight? ... I’m sure you know deep in your heart that your behaviors are not healthy and something is very wrong.

Can a fat person be bulimic? - Your Bulimia Recovery

I'm not sure where to go from here or if I should even attempt to seek help. ... Firstly, yes, overweight people can be bulimic, thin people can be bulimic, ...

Are There Any Overweight Bulimics......... : I Have ...

... I dread eating because I know I'm going to have to throw it up and I HATE IT. ... No one would ever think I was bulimic because like I said I'm overweight.

Okay, I'm Bulimic And Started Vomiting Blood : I Am ...

Okay, I'm Bulimic And Started Vomiting Blood okay, ... I am an overweight bulimic. My mind races and I think about food all day everyday.

How do I become bulimic - Ask Me Help Desk

:) I'm not crazy I just think I'm overweight I weigh 115 and I am 14 I think that's bad:( I want to at least loose 20lbs. I think I would feel better.. so plzz plzz ...

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