Is clarinet hard to play?

On a scale of one to hazelnut, it is yellow. On a more serious note, this is a question without a real answer. It's like asking "how hard is it to bake a pie?" - Read more

i switched from the Clarinet to the oboe two years ago, it was the best decison of my life. First off, YES it is hard to play, but it is worth it. - Read more

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Easy Sheet Music for the Clarinet - HubPages

I started learning how to play the clarinet when I was in the fifth grade. The clarinet is not that hard to play; I had trouble making a sound on the flute, so I went ...

How Hard to Play Clarinet [Archive] - Straight Dope ...

[Archive] How Hard to Play Clarinet General Questions ... I'd guess that you didn't lack lung power to get a good tone. You lacked breath control, which is crucial ...

Clarinet Rentals and Sales | Amro Music, Memphis

Amro Music has hundreds of new and ... Here's a clarinet player playing a solo ... Clarinet is not hard to learn. Once you can play clarinet you can easily learn ...

is it really that hard to play the trumpet?

is it really that hard to play the trumpet? ... kasi lahat ng tinuturuan nya sa recorder muna nag sisimula tapos alam narin nila ang sax trumpet clarinet flute ...

How to Use the Clarinet Register Key: 4 Steps - wikiHow

How to Use the Clarinet Register Key. Do the high notes come out shrill when you play your clarinet? Is it hard to read the notes in the higher register? This article ...

Clarinet Hard

bb soprano clarinet hard carrying case very durable great condition $9.95: selmer cl 300 clarinet complete instrument includeing hard case school model $59.99:

How hard is it to play the Piccolo clarinet?

How hard is it to play the Piccolo clarinet? The learning curve for the Piccolo clarinet... Find the full answer at

Clarinet hard to blow?

Clarinet hard to blow? ... and occasionally do find myself trying to play sax with a clarinet embouchur, especially in the altissimo range, ...

Not too hard to play Duos for clarinet and cello in Forum

We browse through the Last Resort Music spiral books of (mostly familiar) tunes arranged for various combinations; we use Clarinet and bassoon/cello obviously.


wikiHow to Play the Clarinet

How to Play the Clarinet. ... (though this may be hard to get used to at first and you will probably learn it best by taking lessons).

Why is Strength 3 synthetic reed for clarinet too hard to ...

Why is Strength 3 synthetic reed for clarinet too hard to play on? Find answers now! ... hopefully, plays clarinet) ... Read more. Positive: 55 %... Clarinet Reed ...

Is it hard to play an oboe? - clarinetpages

YES IT IS VERY VERY HARD TO PLAY. It is easy to make a sound, impossible to make a good sound. It's like a violin. It sounds absolutely horrendous if you aren't an ...

Clarinet hard rock blues - YouTube

Hard rock blues is an easy song to play. If you play clarinet,comment some songs you'd like me to play.

Free Clarinet Lessons

Is it hard to move your fingers quickly between notes, especially from low notes to high notes? ... "recipes" for how to play the clarinet more easily and properly.

The Clarinet - History -

It is hard to imagine that you could play that music with those ... Oriental clarinet players often play on a descendant of the German clarinet that is ...

I want to learn how to play Clarnet Is It Hard To Learn ...

I want to learn how to play Clarnet Is It Hard To Learn All The Buttons?? ... (I play clarinet and trombone), ...

How to play Dynamite on clarinet (easy) - YouTube

I teach you how to play dynamite and heres the notes if u dont want to hav me teach you or if its hard to follow. A A A A G F G A C D F G F D F G F D A A A ...

Clarinet hard to blow? - Activity Stream - Sax on the Web ...

Clarinet hard to blow? I've ... So I'm teaching him for the next 4 months in the full knowledge that he's giving up come next year and will never play the clarinet again.

How to Learn a Hard Piece on Clarinet? - HowDonkey

How to Learn a Hard Piece on Clarinet?. ... He plays Bb clarinet but has access to other types. What are some medium hard level difficulty pieces that we ...

Video: Clarinet Tips for Beginners | eHow

When a beginner attempts to play the clarinet, ... If it's really hard to blow, make sure that your reed is wet and that it's positioned correctly.

How hard is it to play the E-flat clarinet?

How hard is it to play the E-flat clarinet? The learning curve for the E-flat clarinet... Find the full answer at

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