Is cremation allowed in greek orthodox church?

... comes at a time when the powerful Greek Orthodox Church that ... the cremation after death, is allowed ... for the Church of Greece, ... - Read more

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church. ... A second reason is that, by rejecting cremation, the Orthodox Church dissociated itself from ancient pagan practices. - Read more

Discussion about Is cremation allowed in greek orthodox church?

Is cremation allowed in greek orthodox church? resources

Greece Orthodoxy and the Greek Orthodox church

Orthodoxy in Greece Greek Orthodox church. Most Greeks are Christian Orthodox ... This is a place with many monasteries where only men are allowed.

Is Embalming allowed? -

... Is Embalming allowed? ... is not allowed in the Orthodox Church as it is ... make sense that if cremation is not allowed, embalming shouldn't be ...

Church sticks to its guns on cremation | Cyprus Mail

... the Greek Orthodox Church appears to be fighting a losing ... said the Church is opposed to cremation not out of dogma but out of a need to “preserve ...

Funerals « Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Saint George Greek Orthodox ... their lives in sacramental and canonical unity with the Eastern Orthodox Church. ... Cremation is absolutely forbidden ...

The Anglican Church in Greece

Death and Cremation in Greece; Anglican Congregations in Greece; ... The Greek Orthodox Church does not allow its churches to be used for Anglican wedding ceremonies.


“Doesn’t the Orthodox Church forbid cremation?” she asked her ... In the Greek Orthodox churches, ... have been allowed to receive their “first ...

Orthodox Greece is Under Assault by the Fourth Reich!!

Greek Orthodoxy also forbids pagan cremation so there is absolutely no possibility that light can ... There are no PRIESTS in the Greek Orthodox Church. A priest ...

Funerals - St. George Greek Orthodox Church

Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. ... Individuals who are in severe violation of canon law including marriage outside of the Orthodox Church, cremation, ...


Cremation under debate in Greece (

The refusal of the Greek Orthodox Church to allow cremation has sparked a debate in the country. ... If cremation was allowed domestically, ...

Cremation - St. George Greek Orthodox Church

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church. St. Paul ... The Church consid¬ers cremation to be the deliberate desecration and ... are not allowed in such ...

Q & A - Terminology: Services / Absolution / Cremation ...

The Orthodox Church in America. The Mission of The Orthodox Church in America, the local autocephalous Orthodox Christian Church, is to be faithful in fulfilling the ...

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Indianapolis ... The Church considers cremation to be the deliberate desecration and ... (boiled wheat) are not allowed in such ...

New Greek Law Permits Cremation - Hellenic Communication ...

Demand for the option of cremation had risen in recent years as Greece's ... the cremation after death, is allowed ... Greek Orthodox Church had ...

Q & A - Cremation [2] - Orthodox Church in America

How does the Orthodox Church view cremation? ... Answer. The Church does not condemn cremation outright, provided that there is a valid reason for it.

Greek Orthodox Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The name Greek Orthodox Church is a term referring to the body of several Churches within the larger communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, whose liturgy is or ...

Church of Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They are allowed to marry before their ordination as deacons, but not afterwards. ... Greek Orthodox Church; Timeline of Orthodoxy in Greece; List of Archbishops of ...

Cremation « Greek Orthodox Church of St Anna

Cremation; Sacraments & Services. Schedule a 40 Day Blessing; Baptism & Chrismation; Confession; ... © 2014 Greek Orthodox Church of St Anna | Find Us onfacebook

The Pagan Files: Cremation now allowed in Greece ...

Cremation now allowed in Greece ... the president of the Committee for the Right for Cremation in Greece ... with up to 500 Greek Orthodox Christians ...

Cremation - Home :: Orthodox Christian Information Center

There is evidence that the Greek Church also ... of the attitude of the Orthodox Church concerning the cremation of ... be allowed in the form ...

BBC NEWS | Europe | Greece votes to allow cremations

The Greek Orthodox Church has until now opposed cremation, describing it as a violation of the human ... In a compromise with the powerful Greek Orthodox Church, ...

The Anglican Church in Greece

Cremation Cremation involves ... The Anglican Church in Greece is amenable to making its churches ... may have to be sought from the diocesan offices of the local ...

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