Is technetium a gas or solid at room temp?

Is francium a gas liquid or a solid at room temp? francium; gas; liquids; solids ... - Read more

... (gas, solid, liquid) a molecule will be at room temp? ... solid, liquid) a molecule will be at room temp? (Read 3781 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are ... - Read more

Discussion about Is technetium a gas or solid at room temp?

Is technetium a gas or solid at room temp? resources

Liquids and Solids - TypePad

... refers to the gaseous state of a substance that is normally a liquid or a solid at room temp Two ... The Condensed States Gas Liquid Solid Highly Compressible ...

Technetium Facts - Periodic Table of the Elements

Get periodic table facts on the chemical and physical properties of the element technetium or masurium.

Gas + Solid = ? - Organic Chemistry - Science Forums

Gas + Solid = ? - posted in Organic Chemistry: ... and these are just at standard room temp and pressure . 0 Back to top #3 redfox. redfox. Quark. Senior Members

List of the Chemical Elements - IvyRose

The Chemical Elements ... Argon is a colourless odourless and non-toxic gas at room temp and ... Iodine is a halogen that is a bluish-black solid at room ...

Technetium - Element information, properties and uses ...

Element Technetium (Tc), Group 7, Atomic Number 43, ... State at room temperature: Solid Key isotopes ... gas kinetic collision cross sections, ...

at standard pressure, which element at 25 degrees celsius ...

The solids can't get any more solid. Manimal 89 months ago Answer from DarkLordKelvin ... However, chlorine is a gas at room temp, ...

Chapter 1 Chemistry: The Study of Matter

Vapor- a substance that is currently a gas but normally is a liquid or solid at room temperature. States of Matter There ... of Matter Solid Liquid Gas ... Temp ...

It's Elemental - The Element Technetium - Science ...

Phase at Room Temperature: Solid. Element Classification: Metal. Period Number: ... Technetium can also be used as a medical tracer and to calibrate particle detectors.

Gas that turn into liquid have a boiling point?

and since at normal temp (room temperature) ... are all gas in that room will turn into liquid? or more, freeze and tune into solid gas? ...


Why Is Cl2 A Gas At Room Temp Why Is Br2 A Liquid ...

why is cl2 a gas at room temp why is br2 a liquid at room temp why is I2 a solid at room temp

Technetium hexafluoride - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Technetium hexafluoride is a golden-yellow solid at room temperature. ... Technetium hexafluoride undergoes a solid phase transition at −4 ... Noble gas binary ...

Search For Chlorine Solid Liquid Or Gas In Room Temp

Search For Chlorine Solid Liquid Or Gas In Room Temp Collection, sony a hobby converts the promised reward relatively low priced.

Is Sulfur A Gas, Solid Or Liquid At Room Temperature ...

Is Iodine A Gas, Solid Or Liquid At Room Temperature? Chemistry. Depends iodine is weird in that it can be a liquid at room temp.

Lithium gas ? - Physics Forums

Lithium is a solid metal (At room temp). Is lithium gas super heated Lithium in gasious form? or is there a process other than... Log in or Sign up. Login or Sign up!

Periodic Table OF Elements non-mETRLs OXYGEN Li Be Il a 12 ...

SOLID at room temp LIQUID at room temp GAS at room temp RADIOACTIVE Artificia y created Atomic Number Chemical _Þ NITROG E N Name 14 rnETRLS Chemical Symbol

Science for Kids: Science, boiling point of oxygen, room temp

... If the melting point of O was warmer then room temp then it would be a solid at room temp B) If Br was boiling then ... Since O is a gas at room temp, ...

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