Is this a good gaming computer?

I would not buy it. Power supply is underpowered. CPU is heavily outdated. And if the fan on the GPU makes noise, its just a matter of time till you need to replace ... - Read more

Do you think this is a good computer for a gaming pc and good for its price? Sorry im not sure if i posted this in the right section. My new computers specs: - Read more

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Is this Computer a good for gaming. - Computer Forums

Yes an i5 would probably best for most recent released games if that's what you plan on doing.. _____

Is this a good gaming computer? : Macbook Pro

Related topics Replies Views Last post; Is this computer good for gaming? by jarrett » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:23 am 2 Replies 201 Views Last post by wyrttun71 Mon Feb ...

What Is Needed for a Good Gaming Computer? | eHow

Gaming PCs can be expensive. Not knowing if the technology in the system will be obsolete within a few years leads many gamers to build their own. This guide will ...

Is this a good gaming computer? - Minecraft Forum

RAM looks good, might want a bigger hard drive if your gonna be a heavy gamer, and Id step up the processor to atleast a 2.8 GHZ. Graphics crad looks ok.

Is this a good computer build for gaming/ video editing?

A. I don't know much about video editing and how CPU intensive it is, but from a gaming perspective, I would definitely choose a different CPU.

Is this a good gaming computer? - Computers & Technology ...

RAM looks good, might want a bigger hard drive if your gonna be a heavy gamer, and Id step up the processor to atleast a 2.8 GHZ. Graphics crad looks ok.

Is this a good gaming computer build and do you have any ...

Answer 1 of 3: This is the best guide I've found to building a gaming PC. You should be able to get a quite great machine at your 500-600 range which won't b...

is this a good gaming computer :: Help and Tips

Build your own.....more power for your dollar and a better warranty on parts

This a Good Computer? - Computing.Net by Tom's Guide

... [Solved] would this be a good gaming computer? ... Again post the name of pc, 9600gt is good gaming card but it needs extra power from psu, ...


What Are Good Gaming Computers? | eHow

What Are Good Gaming Computers?. A good gaming computer is mostly defined by the performance of its hardware, but also by customer support. Whether you're buying a ...

Is this a good gaming computer?

I have been looking for a computer for gaming for a while now and I think I found the one. I do not know much about hardware so I was wondering if this is the right ...

Is this a good gaming computer? - Computing.Net by Tom's Guide

Hi, im thinking of building a gaming computer this summer. Do you think that this will get the job done? if you can think of a cheaper and more effective system ...

Is this a good gaming computer to build? [Solved] - Gaming ...

Here is a build I would recommend using the 4670k, also you can change the case if wanted, threw in a good quality PSU that is full modular to keep things tidy and ...

Is this a good gaming computer? : MacBook Pro - Apple Fanatic

Is my computer good for gaming? by zeusef » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:33 pm 1 Replies 158 Views Last post by carwyn63 Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:38 pm Good gaming ...

Is this a good Gaming computer? - PlayStation Forum

Hey, i just want a PC for gaming on and was looking to play games like GTA4,Crysis and Fallout 3 on it and was wondering if it will play them at me...

What Makes A Good Gaming Computer Good? Use Our Elite-3 ...

On PC gaming forums and websites all over the internet, one common gaming-related question persists: “Is this a good gaming computer?” This question is always ...

Is This A Good Gaming Computer For minecraft,bf4,tf2,etc ...

Solved Good computer for modern gaming? solution; Solved First PC build, are these components compatible, and will they create a good gaming computer? solution

Is this a good build?? First Gaming Computer!!

FC is (as usual) right if you want to play BF3 at Ultra or Max. Here are some benches from the article: Anything below 30 fps is not good.

is this a good gaming computer? - Forums - World of Warcraft

is this a good gaming computer? is this a good ... AMD Quad-Core A6-3600 Accelerated Processor with AMD Radeon HD 6530D graphics 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM AMD ...

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