Long or short hair?!?

Two women. One wants it all cut off, one wants to keep the length. One of the biggest discussions I have is whether women look good in long hair or short. - Read more

Long hair is a hairstyle where the hair is allowed to grow to considerable length. Exactly what constitutes long hair can change from culture to culture, or even ... - Read more

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Anonymous said... I like the short hair better. You look your age and refreshing. With the long hair it seems to add to your age and nothing really special ...

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Short hair or long hair? - Well this debate all started when my best friend (male) and I were discussing Sienna Miller and her acting as Edie...

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Long hair is hard to take care of, short hair looks weird on a woman. Medium is perfect. reply. Yess 2011/12/04 17:40:05. Long Hair +2. Much more elegant ...

How to Tell If Your Cat Will Have Long or Short Hair | eHow

How to Tell If Your Cat Will Have Long or Short Hair. ... meaning that both the mother and father cat must have the long-haired gene for their kittens to have long hair.

+ Spiral curls hair tutorial – for long or short hair!

2. Wrap it around the barrel without adjusting the hair, so just let the hair come out of your hand as you wrap. Don’t change the shape of your hand or hair, just wrap!

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Hair, long or short for boys? THAT is the question.... - Debating Mums!

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By Chinwe of Hair and Health Finding styles for 4B/4C hair can be difficult due to the nature of our tight coils (or lack of coils) AND incredible shrinkage.

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You’re probably debating if you should cut your hair, let it grow out, or style it. Before doing anything to your hair you should know your face shape and which ...

Long, medium, or short hair when it comes to guys?

long hair, medium hair, short hair ... More polls by xxxMyHeartIsBrokenxx. I sent my message for deletion GOOD BYE


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How to Decide Between Cutting Your Hair or Not. So, you've decided that you may want to get a hair-cut! But are you also worried about the outcome? Unsure if what you ...

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Hair length and hair styles may seem like a purely fashion issue. Sometimes long hair gets in style, sometimes short hair gets in style, so what?

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Getting a short haircut? Find out which short hairstyles suit your face shape. Check out the best celebrity short hairstyles, bobs, the "long bob trend" and more

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Celebrity Hair: Short or Long? Next . Celebrity Hair: Short or Long? Most Recent; Fashion; Beauty; Red Carpet; Hairstyles; Kids and Pets; Fab Photos;

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Here's a fun discussion question to kick off your week. Michelle Duggar and her girls all wear their hair long. What about you? Do you prefer long hair or short hair?

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Short vs. Long Hair. Share; More. StumbleUpon; ... Rihanna and Julianne Hough look better with long or short hair. Nicole Richie rocked long, ... Short; Long; Short;

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How to Put up Long or Short Hair Easily. These secret tools and tips will give you a lasting up do whether you have long or short hair, to dress up or down! Tip your ...

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Long to short hair makeovers can really amp up your look! Short hair is especially striking on certain face types, and it can be styled in a variety of different ways.