Looking for a MW3 clan on the wii?

Come check us out man. We're a multisystem clan though. We do have many wii players though. Here is out thread. Come on over and make an application. - Read more

2013 mw3 wii clans, call of duty clans for wii, cod black ops wii clans, como fazer parte de um clan call of duty mw3 wii, how to join a clan in mw3 wii - Read more

Discussion about Looking for a MW3 clan on the wii?

Looking for a MW3 clan on the wii? resources

Looking For a MW3 Clan!! - Page 2 - PlayStation Forum

Talk about what clan ?I was merely giving you advice to post your request about looking for a clan in the actual clan section not this section of the site

Top 100 Modern Warfare 3 Wii Clans

We are a new MW3 Wii clan ... OTIN.OurTimeIsNow Clan on Wii: 21 244 We are a MW3 clan that is ... Modern Warfare 3 for Wii. We are currently looking for ...

Looking for Clan ? - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex ...

... Reflex Edition on the Wii, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Looking for Clan ?". ... Developed exclusively for Wii and based on the GoldenEye film, ...

Looking For a MW3 Clan!! - PlayStation Forum

Hi guys, I am looking for a Mw3 clan i can join, im thinking of getting Elite ( still not sure if i shouls ). I use the MP5 PP90M1 and the Barret 50 cal or MSR.

<(WOLF)> For Black Ops/ (FUN) For MW3 - Home

It is a Blackops Wii clan. Home; Recruitment; Schedule; Important News; Ally Shoutouts; Ally Chat; Comments; Ally Clans; Application Form; ... > Blackops/MW3 Wii Clan ...

Planet Minecraft • View topic - Got a wii MW3 clan?


MW3 Wii-The BIT Clan - General Gaming - Off Topic ...

Ever wanted to join a clan on MW3 Wii?(PLEASE DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS!).Well,heres your answer:The Brutal Insane Team!.

Any Wii U COD: Ghosts clans? | Community - Space: Hero ...

I'm looking for a good Wii U COD: Ghosts clans. Are there any or the Wii U. Home; Content; People; Places; Log in; Search ... Mw3 K/D 1.90. Mw2: That's a different ...

Mw3 wii clan - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - GameSpot

... on mw3 wii,im clanless and need a clan,im preety good with P90 and PP90M1.I am lvl 48 right now,so if you have ... Im part of the BOMBIN clan. my name is ...


looking 4 a good clan (wii) : COD8 -- MW3 Multiplayer

hey guys im looking foward to enter a good clan on wii since most of them play like **** and most good players paly solo, im prestige 0 lv 32 beacuse i got my mw3 ...

[MW3] Join MwK* Clan!! - WiiChat

Anyone who is looking for a clan that is big and powerful, join MwK* Clan. We are on the first page of the Top 100 Mw3 clans, we have a website, a Youtube and a ...

looking 4 a mw3 clan : COD8 -- MW3 PlayStation 3

looking 4 a mw3 clan » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:43 pm . i am very active/veteran player just new acc. prestige 2 k/d 2.2 , w/p 76% need a good ps3 mw3 active clan... thanks.

MW3 Wii|Der [GER] Clan stellt sich vor - YouTube

MW3 Wii|Der [GER] Clan stellt sich vor Mimic78224. ... MW3 Wii| [NES] vs. [GER] | Clanwar Abschuss bestätigt/Hardhat #3 by WiiClanNES 480 views; 6:28.

Home - HTB~Wii~Clan

HTB~Wii~Clan. Home; Photos; Members ... We Are A Modern WarFare 3 Wii Clan looking forward to being the best clan or biggest clan on mw3. ... if you have any ...

Wii clan looking for matches - Cod247 - Black Ops 2, MW3 ...

Call of Duty: MW3 Forum > Modern Warfare 3 Match Finder ... We are a Call of Duty Nintendo Wii clan that started in February 2011. We have ... we have moved. our new ...

MW3 Clan - Home

MW3 CLAN. Hello, welcome to the MW3 ... Also, we are mainly a Wii clan, and we are proud. We are working on adding to PS3 and Xbox. ... Wolf Heart, to update and edit ...

[Wii] do you looking for a clan - Cod247 - Black Ops 2 ...

Cod247 > Call of Duty: MW3 Forum > Modern Warfare 3 Clans > I Want to Join an MW3 Clan [Wii] do you looking for a clan

MW3 *CREEPER*clan on WII - Contact Us

MW3 *CREEPER*clan on WII ... This form is only for those who would like to join our clan . You do not have to fill it out to become a member of this site .

Avengers Clan on Wii (MW3) - Home

We are a MW3 clan on Wii that balances fun, ... we are looking for a new clan name and tag. ... Top 100 MW3 clans.

Top 100 Black Ops Clans

CoD Wii Clan: We are currently looking for all types of ... We are on BLACKOPS,MW3 and soon BLACK OPS 2 ... Wii Black Ops clan here to have fun with vertual ...

Call Of Duty MW3 Wii clan - Instructables.com

... and would like to make a clan for multiplayer! please if you do happen to have ... Call Of Duty MW3 Wii clan. ... my name on mw3 on Wii is black ...

Mw3 wii clan - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Message ...

Ivana_User posted... Hey my Name is Silence[?] on mw3 wii,im clanless and need a clan,im preety good with P90 and PP90M1.I am lvl 48 right now,so if you ...

Looking for PS3 Players/Clan who play MW3 & Ghosts - CoD ...

Topic: Looking for PS3 Players/Clan who play MW3 & Ghosts. ... Wii Forums. Games; Forum Directory; Wii Forum; Top Forums; Animal Crossing: City Folk; Bleach ...

Steam Community :: Group :: COD MW3 (Wii) KWF CLAN

Currently looking for more members. to join just put KwF in front of ur name and ur name has to be ur fav candy we have 4 members in cluding me these candy ...

Home - stars clan [,*'] in MW3 for Wii

are you a really good sniper and dont know where or witch clan to join?well this is the clan for you it is filled with good snipers ... Stars clan[.*'] in MW3 for Wii ...

COD MW3 Wii clan - elitepvpers

... Hey Leute ich möchte einen COD MW3 Wii Clan machen suche dafür aber noch Member oder nen Co.Leader. Wer interesse ...

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