My family income above 2.5 lak but i wrote below 2.j lak in my wbjee application form,how i corret it.?

... Is there any way to reduce the resolution of my Android ... my family income above 2.5 lak but i wrote below 2.j lak in my wbjee application form,how i corret ... - Read more

my external hard disk showing error and there is alot of my ... my family income above 2.5 lak but i wrote below 2.j lak in my wbjee application form,how i corret it.? - Read more

Discussion about My family income above 2.5 lak but i wrote below 2.j lak in my wbjee application form,how i corret it.?

My family income above 2.5 lak but i wrote below 2.j lak in my wbjee application form,how i corret it.? resources

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Limit for non creamy layer certificate for OBC students ...

Status of application of IIT form; How to ... (Non Creamy Layer)? If my annual income is 4.5 Lakhs ... council the income for non creamy layer certificate was 2.5 ...

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