Need help with gpu!!?

Hey guys I have a simple question. I'm a bit of a noob at this but here it goes. Can any gpu fit into my gigabyte z77 crossfire/sli motherboard? . I'm building a new ... - Read more

So over the last few weeks I've been noticing the temperature on my gpu has been rising bit by bit. For instance a few weeks ago the max temp it would hit while ... - Read more

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Need help with GPU upgrade! - Page 3 -

Awesome! Thanks for all the help everyone, now I just have to find good price ranges for used 290 and 290x's. Around 250 and 300 respectively it sounds like?

Need Help with Reflow GPU using T862++ - NotebookReview

Need Help with Reflow GPU using T862++ I have been trying to find anyone who has a table of heat settings and duration of re-flow times for different BGA's like Intel ...

Need Help With Notebook GPU | TechPowerUp Forums

Hey guys, I decided to downgrade my GPU in my ASUS G50 VT-X5 because I wanted to get more battery life out of it. I downgraded from an Nvidia 9800m GS to...

i need help with GPU question on HP ENVY 6-1010us ...

i need help with GPU question on HP ENVY 6-1010us Sleekbook (232 Views) Reply Reply. Topic Options. Subscribe; Mark Topic as New; Mark Topic as Read;

Need help with CPU | Intel Communities

i have intel D865GLC mother board with pentium 2.6 GHZ processor already installed and running, but when i install a 3.GHZ pentium 4 processor it does not

Need help with cpu/gpu combo for wow - MMO-Champion ...

For the res and settings you say you want it to play at... go on newegg... see any cpu or gpu they have for sale? yeah one of those will run wow at those settings ...

Need help with GPU bottleneck

Need help with GPU bottleneck; Results 1 to 5 of 5 Thread: Need help with GPU bottleneck. Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; Subscribe to this Thread ...

Need help with laptop CPU/GPU - PC Perspective

Hi, I need some help deciding on processors/graphics cards for some laptops: My friend is getting a new laptop for her birthday and budget is not a factor. She wants ...

Need Help with picking GPU - Video Cards Q&A

Need help picking a new mouse; Need Help Picking the Better Board; Almost done with my build. Need help picking gpu; Stuck on picking a ATX Mid tower case!


Need help with GPU clock - Republic of Gamers

As most GPU tweak user I am aimed to do some overclock enhancements. I see the ... On th,e gpu and memory settings you can in most cases set it far beyond the actual ...

need help with GPU

On a desktop, a medium, cheaper gaming GPU, is equivalent to a high-end, very expensive gaming laptop GPU (as in performance), although the laptop GPU (in this case ...

Need help with GPU and Z87-G45 mobo - MSI

Need help with GPU and Z87-G45 mobo . SMF ©2014, Simple Machines - Theme ©2014 Micro-Star Int l Co.,Ltd. Mobile ...

Need help with new gpu [Solved] - Graphics - Graphics ...

Solved GPU upgrade options; I need some help. (Crossfire versus new GPU?) Forum; Solved New rig in the works need help with gpu Forum; Solved Need some help choosing ...

need help with gpu code - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central

Im trying to use mutex in my code with no luck. Matlab says that kernel reaches timeout. kernel: __global__ void getGrid( int* mask, int* mutex ) {

Need help with my GPU purchase. - Graphics & Displays

I'm in a budget. Below are the four GPUs I'm considering: 1. HD 7850 2. HD 7870 3. GTX 650 Ti Boost 4. GTX 660 Also, which brand do you recommend? Asus? MSI?

Need help with CPU/GPU OC for streaming (Twitch ...

Need help with CPU/GPU OC for streaming (Twitch) CPUs and Overclocking

Need help with GPU Coolers.

Hi. I recently got to buy all the stuff for my build but gpu cooler and i am ... do you want to change the coolers on the cards you have ?? or do you want those ...

need help with finding gpu for win 7 - MSI

need help with finding gpu for win 7 . SMF ©2014, Simple Machines - Theme ©2014 Micro-Star Int l Co.,Ltd. Mobile ...

Need help with GPU Tweak - Forums

Need help with GPU Tweak User Name: Remember Me? Password: General Software and Applications Trouble with software/DirectX or other programs like Detonator Destroyer. ...

Need Help with GPU Tweak - Graphics Cards - Linus Tech Tips

Need Help with GPU Tweak - posted in Graphics Cards: Guys can anybody tell me why is it when I install GPU Tweak on my system and try to run a game the screen goes black?

Need help with cpu/gpu overheating and shutdown » Forum ...

Need help with cpu/gpu overheating and shutdown » Forum Post by srlarue » Hi all, I'm new to the forums but I've recently st

Need help with gpu vs CPU and other advice - GPUs - Systems

Hello friends, so I saved up and now have 960 dollars and only used 904. So I'm debating on wether I should get a better processor or graphics card. Other ideas on ...

Need help with GPU | Overclockers Forums

Hey guys, long timer lurker. I have a friend who wants to run Microsoft Flight Sim X, he already purchased a HP Pavilion HPE h8t series: h8t • Genuine Windows 7 ...

Need Help! Having Temp. Issues With Cpu/gpu - Internal ...

Need Help! Having Temp. Issues With Cpu/gpu - posted in Internal Hardware: Im having temperature issues, and I need help getting to the root of the problem. I built ...

Need help with a cpu - CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory ...

Need help with a cpu - posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory: Ok im helping my friend with upgrading his pc but now i ran into a problem and i dont know what to do.

Need help with GPU upgrade! - Page 2 -

Originally Posted by DeadJohnDoe I had considered this, though I had read that it would be a bad idea as it can only do a 2-way sli and I would essentially lock in my ...

Need help with GPU's

Hi, I'm planning on purchasing a new graphics card when I get paid on Tuesday and I'm sort of stumped on which one to buy. My budget will be around $150 usd. If you ...

need help with gpu - NotebookReview

need help with gpu; Closed Thread. Results 1 to 3 of 3 Thread: need help with gpu. LinkBack. LinkBack URL; About LinkBacks ; Bookmark & Share; Add Thread to;

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