Need help with graphic cards?

well both cards will work with your mobo but your PSU might be a problem these cards need a 6 pin PCie connector to run, which your 350W PSU probably doesn't have - Read more

Solved Need help with a graphics card thingy? Forum; Solved Need help with PSU for graphics card Forum; Solved Need Help Choosing a Graphics Card, Forum - Read more

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Need help with graphic cards? resources

Chick needs help with Graphic Card - Republic Of Gamers

I may have stumbled into the right place. Just bought the Asus HD 7770 and am trying ... Have you only installed the drivers from the driver disk, or have you also ...

need help with graphics card - Computer Support Forums ...

ok, im not an expert with computers so i need some help with choosing a graphics card (and general info) we got our computer (and accesories) yesterday for a good ...

RE: Need Help with ATI Graphic Card bring up

Follow-Ups: Re: Need Help with ATI Graphic Card bring up. From: Brad Boyer RE: Need Help with ATI Graphic Card bring up. From: Michel Dänzer ...

Need Some help with this Graphics card issue. (G210m) Need ...

Need Some help with this Graphics card issue. (G210m) Need help restoring my graphics card to its fo

Need help with Graphic Card driver Solved - Windows 7 Help ...

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus ...

Need Help w/ Graphics Card - Kalypso Media

Hello, I know a little bit about computers, but I understand programs more than I understand the hardware. Graphic Cards give me a headache, and our current computer ...

need help with graphics card - Computer Forums

hey guys im new to this stuff and need help to pick out which graphics card i need cause i need one to play games. it can load the game but very laggy

Need a graphics card - TechSpot Forums

Any graphics card you choose to put in your computer is safe to put in there as long as you have enough power from your ... Need help with graphics card Dec 7 ...

help with graphic card | TechPowerUp Forums

hi can anyone help me im kinda a noob i need a new graphic driver but i don't know which one to download the one i have now is nvidia geforce 6100


Need help with a graphics card for gaming! [Solved ...

Forum Solved Building new gaming rig, need help choosing graphics card; Forum Solved Need Help (Does using the onboard graphics to display the screen make the ...

Need urgent help with Graphics Card [Solved] - Graphics ...

Any pci e card will work with your motherboard. Pick one that fits your budget.

Need Help with Graphics Card?! - HP Support Forum - 1180141

Well i have a $700 credit card for best buy. so i guess $700? lol. Like I said, I would like something good enough to play the MMO's with a good Framerate.

Need help with graphics card - Vista Support Forums

I know my computer isnt the best in the world, and i know im pretty clueless when it comes to computer knowledge, but i just wanted to get a better graphics card to ...

Need help with a Graphics Card - League of Legends Community

Need help with a Graphics Card General Discussion. League of Legends. Game Info. Get Started. What is LoL? New Player Guide; Chat Commands; Community Interaction ...

need help with graphics card selection - Microsoft Community

The latest ATi or nVidia cards would work but you need to make sure that you follow the recommmendation and make sure that your computer's power supply will support ...

Need Help with Graphic Card!!! - HP Support Forum - 125030

goofyvero, I got the same message on my PC as well. I think HP is doing a recall of bad video cards. If you open up your desktop and your video card has a black fan ...

need help with my graphic card - Vista Support Forums

i have a mobile intel (r)965 express chipset family graphic card/ driver . is it possible to upgrade to nvidia? can any1 help me update my graphic card to nvidia step ...

need help with graphics card - Computing.Net by Tom's Guide

The low profile card is needed because of your case. The power supply would need to be replaced if you get a more powerful graphics card. I am not a gamer so I will ...

Help with graphic card?! - Discussion - HardwareHeaven

If you need more info or something please ask... Dec 12, 2009, 02:20 PM ... Help with graphic card?! I have similar notebook and the same problem.

Need help with my 9800GT graphics card - Windows 7 Help Forums

So I disabled and uninstalled the on board video and tried to start up using the graphics card. The problem is that my monitor shows no signal when I start up the comp.

need help with graphics card ATI - Discussion

I have HP OmniBook 6100 and my graphics device is RADEON MOBILITY(Microsoft Corp, Chip Type: MOBILITY RADEON AGP{0x4c59},16MB). A couple of days many ...

First Hackintosh! Need help with graphics card!

First Hackintosh! Need help with graphics card! Thank you! Sorry for the late reply. I have one other question (sorry) I was looking through the forums about the ...

Need help with new graphics card. - CNET Computer help Forums

Generally you need to disable any onboard graphics before discrete graphics cards will work.

Need help with upgrading of graphic card - GeForce Forums

Hi all, I plan on upgrading my graphic card for my pc but i'm not sure which one to get because there are a lot of cards out there. I prefer Nvidia cards compared to ...

need help with graphics card shared memory - CNET Desktops ...

Desktops: need help with graphics card shared memory - Read desktop discussions and get tips and advice on this topic and others on CNET Forums.

What is Graphics Card and Why we need it?

Graphics Card is the ... In my next post I'll explain which things we need to know before buying graphics card. ... But maybe I'll figure it out with the help of ...

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