Opinions on this baby girl name?

Opinions on this baby girl name?: What do you think of the name ''Elora'' for my baby girl? My family and friends have mixed feelings about it so I'd like to know ... - Read more

okay, so i really love the name Aubrey Rose for a baby girl, & was wondering what your opinions were on the name? & please don't tell me this name is masculine ... - Read more

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Opinion on Girl Names - BabyandBump - Momtastic

Any opinions, advice, statements or other information expressed or made available on BabyandBump.Momtastic.com by users or third parties, including but not limited to ...

Some opinions on these girls names - BabyandBump

We have found out that we are expecting a girl (well they said 90% certain) I have been having a think of some names and would ideally like to have a choice of 3 to ...

Behind the Name: Message: "Re: Opinions on these girl names"

The etymology and history of first names. ... Alexandria - I love Alex as a nickname for a girl, but this full name is a bit too much for me.

Honest opinions on this girls name please - August 2014 ...

Honest opinions on this girls name please: Hey ladies. I have a name I really like and I want to name my baby girl it but My DH's Cousin sat me down and said 'they ...

Opinions on girls names!

Hi everyone!! We are due our little girl any day now but we are totally stuck between two names that we both love. Nieve & Orla I know there will be a lot of comments ...

Opinions on these girl names? - nameberry

Family Tree. Create your family tree for your baby or with your child and give the gift of name history. Buy now in our store.

opinions-on-these-baby-girl-names - Docstoc.com

New Baby Topic Opinions on these baby girl names? Not pregnant, I just like planning out my life :) Please stay on topic of the names. So far my favorites are ...

Opinions on these baby girl names - The Bump

I have kept a list of favorite baby names for years, deleting ones that I get sick of hearing because they become too popular while adding new ones.


This was a short list of some Indian baby girl names that we think have great meaning. For more indian baby names go to the INDIAN BABY NAMES page


Baby Girl name opinions - BabyCenter - Community

I need some opinions on the name "Kreeley" (KREE-LEE) for a baby girl. This is my 4th daughter, she would join sisters, Kaylee, Kennedy & Khloe. and which spelling ...

Opinions on these girl names? | BabyCenter

OK, so, we're narrowing it down to Melody, Eve, Quinn, Charlotte, Sadie, and Amelia. Please give your opinions on these names, add any names you think are cute, and ...

Opinion on baby girl names? | BabyCenter

We are absolutely torn on baby names. We have a 3-syllable Japanese last name, and for this reason want to keep the first name fairly simple. Also, we want something ...

Opinion On Girl Name. - Circle of Moms

All Communities > Welcome to Circle of Moms!! > Opinion on girl name. Opinion on ... I want to name my baby girl something 'wow' beautiful.

Opinions on girl and boys name please - Baby Names ...

Baby Names: Struggling to choose the perfect name for your baby? This is the very place where you can ask others what they think of your shortlist. They could have ...

opinions on these girls names... | Mumsnet Discussion

Another day of baby girl no name, we are leaning towards Erin.. Isobel/Izzy a close second and Harriet holding on..just DH doesn't like Hattie as a nickname which ...

Any opinions on this baby girl name? - The Bump

It's a name my hubby and I are thinking about fir our baby girl due in July! So I like it :)

Popular girl names in the US - allParenting

Our list of the top 100 baby girl names in the US along with their meanings, ... But thats just my opinion. Hope I helped you. Isabella Grace written by Samantha, ...

honest opinions on this girls name please!!!!! - Baby ...

Baby Names: Struggling to choose the perfect name for your baby? This is the very place where you can ask others what they think of your shortlist. They could have ...

opinions on baby girl name please? - Baby Name Game ...

My bf and I love the name Hanley for a girl, what do you ladies think? We were going to use this name for a boy but we think it sounds good for a girl too! Btw p

Opinions on baby names - BabyGaga - Pregnancy & Parenting ...

Home / Community / Baby Names / Opinions on baby names. ... Girls: Aria Marie Emma Marie Boys: Kevin Lee . Aria is very pretty. Emma is nice but super common.

Baby Girl Name, opinions? - Page 3 - BabyGaga

Kate honestly it's a nice name...do what you both like...don't worry about opinions....Alot of ppl dislike or don't agree on my son's name but I am so glad I didn't ...

Opinion on the baby girl name- Anastasia?

Hi, Im due with a baby girl on September 5th and me and my partner have come up with the name Anastasia. 1 because it was his grandmothers name (who he was very close ...

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