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by Matt Slick. These questions are not meant to be show stoppers. They are only for research purposes so that I might better understand atheism and its adherents. - Read more

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Napoleon the First, with all his disdain for men, bowed to one power that he was pleased to regard as greater than himself. In the heart of an atheistic age he ...

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These Questions are illustrative of the lack of understanding by atheists of both logic and Christian theology

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onetrack: Who are you addressing? If atheists, then you should know that none of us believe in supernatural events or powers, so all those rituals and ...

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Questions From Atheists. Well my brothers and sisters. It is a pleasure to write sermons and articles for my site, though I wonder if it actually reaches anyone.

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Per user suggestion, consider this an open thread for Christians (or anyone) to pose questions to atheists. Anyone is welcome to respond. (Keep it clean ...

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Atheists, are these your sentiments? If so, then as a Christian, I have some questions for you. Christians, have you ever heard an atheist express these words in one ...

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Here are some great questions to ask atheists, agnostics, and those of other religions. They’re from Dr. Norman Geisler’s new book, Conversational Evangelism.

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Now that the postings regarding religion are back with a vengeance, I thought I'd tackle this. This is a set of questions I grabbed off the website of CARM ...

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Alfreds Facepalm The internet is the place where village idiots meet each other and join hands, to fight for the metaphorical souls of the feeble minded.

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I love questions, especially those I can answer I don’t know. Below are a set found at CARM. Some atheist has already offered his answers here.

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