Question on ac power?

This article is about power in AC systems. For information on utility-supplied AC power, see Mains electricity. - Read more

Hi, I have recently purchased a Rotel 1075 (125w X 5 channels) used to as a power amp connected to my NAD 760 acting as the pre-amp. The 760 does not - Read more

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How to power on a system automatically when AC Power is ...

I have a system in which I have no access to the power button, so I need it to power on automatically. I have set the 'restore on AC Power Loss' option and it works ...

Question on AC adapters.

I have a question for y'all. As you may (or may not know), a laptop's AC adapter is actually a small power supply. Much similar to a hobby power supply, except that...

Question: AC power adapter variances | Electronics Forums

I recently bought two used rack-mounted electronic devices, and Ibanez GE131 equalizer and a Digitech MIDI Vocalist. IN both cases, the wall- wart power...

Frequently Asked Questions AC Power Terms and Definitions

Frequently Asked Questions AC Power Terms and Definitions SUMMARY OF QUESTIONS Q1. What is Power Factor? Q2. What is VA (Volt-Amps, Apparent Power)?

extreme3 gen3 bios question (Restore on AC/Power Loss)

My understanding (limited, yes) is that setting this (Restore on AC/Power Loss) to "power off" should result in the pc staying off after interrupting power.

strange question - DC winch on AC power? - DoItYourself ...

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AC Power Relay Question? - Arduino Forum

Author: Topic: AC Power Relay Question? (Read 828 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.

AC POWER ADAPTER - HP Support Forum - 4191326

I need to know if the ac power adapter input is 110-240v. ... - 4191326. Discussion Boards. ... Other Printing Questions ; Other HP Products and Technologies.

Ac Power Charger Question - Kindle Fire Forum

Ac Power Charger Question. This is a discussion on Ac Power Charger Question within the Amazon Kindle Fire Help forums, ... blackberry charger for kindle fire,


Questions on Ac power.

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data I have some questions about powers in AC circuit. What is the maximum and minimum current power on ...

HELP: AV Receivers - AC Power question - Forumsee

I'm assembling a few separates. I want everything to go through my preamp >into my power amp > into my speakers. How do I get my vintage receiver/FM radio into the ...

Your Questions: Fixing Laptop Hum When On AC Power ...

Regular reader and DJ Big Clive asks: “Having trouble with laptop noise through my speakers when my power supply is plugged into my laptop. Thing is, if it’s on ...

A question about AC power | Physics Forums - The Fusion of ...

A question about AC power Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Dickfore, Aug 16, 2010. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Aug 16, 2010 #1 ...

Re: newbie question on probing transformerless ac power ...

Relevant Pages. newbie question on probing transformerless ac power supplies with an isolation transformer... I've been trying to use an isolation transformer ...

AC & Power questions - Reverse Polarity Flix

Author: Topic: AC & Power questions - Reverse Polarity Flix (Read 3816 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.

newbie question on probing transformerless ac power ...

Hi, This is a general question about the use of isolation transformers for probing ac powered circuits. The circuit in question is from the following application note:

Question on ac power supply for power amp

Do NOT plug your amp into the outlet of another component. It will draw way too much power. Those outlets can only handle low wattage components (like tuners, CD ...

S1E3: AC POWER - Question 1 - YouTube

The answer to the first question, the second question answer is on its way in a couple of hours.

c++ - Detecting AC Power connection in WinPE? - Stack Overflow

I'm trying to determine if a laptop is connected to AC power. The OS Im running under is WinPE. My app is written in native C++. WMI queries using Win32_Battery are ...

newbie question on probing transformerless ac power supplies

Everyting about newbie question on probing transformerless ac power supplies Hi,This is a general question about the use of isolation transformers forprobing

12.04 - Hard drive overheats when laptop running on AC ...

Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have ... So when you plug in your AC power, and your laptop battery isn't fully charged ...

Cable Asylum

Audio Asylum - Cable Asylum - Interconnects, speaker wire, power cords. Ask the Cable Guys.

AC power cord - is that also included when I purchase an ...

AC power cord - is that also included when I purchase an Adapter? If not, how can I also acquire the AC cord? When I purchase an Apple MagSafe Power ...

AC power Question - NotebookReview

i usually run my laptop at home on AC power with the battery removed.. how long should i play games on it (like cod4/san andreas).. is playing for 1-2

LAPTOP will not charge battery or run on AC power - Super User

Super User is a question and answer site for computer ... battery on a similar computer and use it on battery power. ... will not charge or run on AC power.

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