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Quora is the best answer to any question.Sign up in seconds. Remember Me. Forgot Password? ... There seems to be some confusion on what an anti-hero is. - Read more

christian: Question about anti-hero? Why are victims of bullying often depicted as anti heroes and not goody two shoes heroes? Asked on Jan 12 2014 by christian - Read more

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antihero (literature) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

antihero, a protagonist of a drama or narrative who is notably lacking in heroic qualities. This type of character has appeared in literature since the time of the ...

How would you classify your personality: Hero, Anti hero ...

Are you a hero, anti hero, villain, or civillian? Would you run into a burning building or would you stand there taking video? Tell the truth, which personali

Jason Momoa Dodges Aquaman Questions, Wants To Play An ...

Jason Momoa just refuses to acknowledge that he might be playing Aquaman in ... Jason Momoa Dodges Aquaman Questions, Wants To Play An Anti-Hero Instead Of A ...

How is Krebs from "Soldier's Home" an example of an anti ...

Question: How is Krebs from "Soldier's Home" an example of an anti-hero, and how does he compare with the young protagonists of today's books and movies?, ...

Is Victor Frankenstein an antihero? - Homework Help ...

Frankenstein Homework Help. Question: Is Victor Frankenstein an antihero?, Topics: Frankenstein, Tags: antihero, Frankenstein, Literature, protagonist, victor

Anti hero? - SodaHead

If you love bad guys, you probably favor it c: A good example is the Grand Theft Auto series.

Was Lady GaGa an anti-hero? - Quora

Lady Gaga is still alive. No she is not an anti-hero. She is just weird. ... Nature knows no bounds, I have been following this question since many days, ...

In your mind, what does it mean to be anti-hero? | Answerbag

In your mind, what does it mean to be anti-hero? Someone who claims he did something heroic but really didn't.

Daredevil: Tragic Hero or Anti-Hero? | PopMatters

That’s the question Marvel is attempting to answer in its new volume of Daredevil. ... Is he a romantic hero? Is he a tragic hero? Or is he an anti-hero?


Main/Anti-Hero - Television Tropes & Idioms

The Anti Hero trope as used in popular culture, with a list of examples from all media.

Anti-hero question | Callum Jones' Film Site

1. The anti-hero does not fight and protect people for the greater good, but rather for their own reasons. Shadow the Hedgehog 2. Whilst heroes don't kill ...

The Character Therapist: Treatment Tuesday: Hero or Anti-Hero?

Adam faces an age-old question of love or power. ... This makes him sound like an anti-hero, really knocked off kilter because he can't dominate others.

Is Bigger Thomas a HERO, VILLAIN, or an ANTI-HERO ...

Is Bigger Thomas a HERO, VILLAIN, or an ANTI-HERO? Browse other questions . isabel v #220515 Dec 14, 2011 4:50 PM. Report abuse.

Germany's anti-hero - DHV Hanggliding and Paragliding in ...

Germany's anti-hero . by Giuseppe Guglielmi Scene: a typical wine-bar in the middle of the Palatinate, ... And he went on with an even more burning question: ...

Anti-hero (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anti-hero is a 1999 action film directed by Matt Jaissle and stars Isaac Cooper, Craig Smith, Mark Arndt, Dave Bramwell, Todd Tjersland, Steve Sheppard and Sam Walt.

The return of anti-hero on American TV - The return of ...

The anti-hero is back. As are stories that are morally ambiguous. Check out some of the most popular American TV serials.

Anti-hero question - Forums

Anti-hero question Books, Comics, etc ... Ok i just realized this comic thing was here and have a Question I'm taking it that Doomsday is D.C's Antihero.

anti-hero – FREE anti-hero information | Encyclopedia ...

anti-hero – has anti-hero articles, anti-hero pictures, video and information at - a FREE online library

Name for an anti-hero? - Fast Question

Name for an anti-hero? Stuck on this. Been trying to think of some names for an anti-hero. He's a Robin Hood like rogue, dangerous, and although his actions come ...

Video: How the Anti-Hero Can be the Protagonist in Plays ...

Learn how to turn the anti-hero into the protagonist in a play with expert playwriting advice in this free play production and theater video clip.

"Hero Factory" Anti-Hero Factory, Part One (TV Episode ...

With Von Nebula's Anti-Heroes spreading throughout the galaxy, Preston Stormer travels to Anti-Hero Factory to defeat Von Nebula himself. With some of his friends ...

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