should i trade the winged dragon of ra for wicked avatar?

Ok my friend wants my mosaic rare ra for hes limited edition wicked avater I never used it I did once and I died because of it so I think I will but idk if I should ... - Read more

... trade me ra ill give u ... you should run a Barrel Behind the Door you can get a Ra ... with winged dragon of ra and the wicked avatar that could be a otk ... - Read more

Discussion about should i trade the winged dragon of ra for wicked avatar?

should i trade the winged dragon of ra for wicked avatar? resources

How do I Build an Egyptian God Deck? | eHow

Add the Winged Dragon of Ra card into your deck. Determine the ATK and DEF of the card by the sum of the ratings for the three monster cards you used to summon the card. YuGiOh THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA rare promo ORCS ...

... The Wicked Avatar ... The Winged Dragon of Ra was in mint ... cool card and nice to have dont really have much else to say but you know you should really pick ...

Zing Me | Các lá bài thần trong yugioh

3/The Winged Dragon of Ra. 4/The Wicked Avatar. 5/ The Wicked Dreadroot. 6/ The Wicked Eraser. 7/Hamon , Lord of Striking Thunder . 8/ Raviel, Lord of Phantasmas.

what is your strongest card? - Yu-Gi-Oh - Fanpop

The Winged Dragon Of Ra 30%: Slifer ... I got it in a trade, ... YamiLover1 picked The Wicked Avatar:

Legendary God Cards [伝説の神のカード ...

Legendary God Cards ... The Winged Dragon of Ra/Ra the Winged God Dragon ... The Wicked Avatar/The Devil’s Avatar

My Horakpty deck - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 ...

... Mausoleum_of_the_Emperor "The Wicked Avatar" and "The ... 1x Osiris the Sky Dragon 1x The Winged Dragon of Ra 3x ... 1x Pot of Duality 3x Trade ...

Egyptian god cards/Evil gods - Archives - Dueling Network ...

2 Winged Dragon of Ra ... it'd be best for him to stick with 3 copies of either Obelisk or Wicked Avatar ... maybe you should try using "Incarnate Dragons" with ... Price Guide | Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards | Koc vz archifiend

Cards Trade List. Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Wish List. Creations: ... THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA. Type: Monster Type I: Union: Monster Type: Synchro: Type II:

Slifer the Sky Dragon - My Favorite Egyptian God Card ...

... then came Winged Dragon of Ra, ... What should the next season be about? ... The Wicked Avatar VS. Wicked Eraser by yugiohblogger;


Card Trivia:The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode) - Yu-Gi-Oh!

... The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode) Edit History; Talk 0. ... This mode has a counterpart in both "The Wicked Avatar" and the "Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon ...

the winged dragon of ra | Yu-Gi-Oh Cards 101

The Winged Dragon of Ra: Reviews and where to look. March 14, 2012 Jaron Something 1 comment. ... Lord of Striking Thunder, and The Wicked Avatar.

Yugioh Obelisk the Tormentor VS. The Winged Dragon of Ra ...

Winged Dragon of Ra. ... (although it still pales in comparison to wicked avatar). ... Cursed seal of the forbidden spell should never be used against the wrong deck.

Golduck with Black Beak?__Free Bingo Sites and No Deposit ...

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the winged dragon of ra's evil twin brother - Forums

the winged dragon of ra's evil twin brother Yu ... and The Wicked Avatar and Light and Darkness Dragon. i ... Hardened Armed Dragon + Avatar should be your ...

Winged Dragon Of Ra Chant - Forums

Winged Dragon Of Ra Chant. ... In Egyptian dead language, should I not speak? ... WINGED GRAGON OF RA!!" _____ ♥A ...

AnswerParty | How strong is winged dragon of ra?

How strong is winged dragon of ra? ... As strong as "Winged Dragon of Ra" can get, "The Wicked Avatar" will ... They should be fairly strong, as The Winged Dragon of ...

Wicked God - Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Wicked God cards seem to be ... He looks like "The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode)". "Avatar's" effect is ... Ideally you should use it when you can ...

Which Of The God Cards From The Yu-Gi-Oh Series Are You?

... Obelisk the Tormentor, The Winged Dragon of Ra, ... The Wicked Avatar ... Should the Person Who Did It Be Punished? 65% voted Yes, ...

Yugiohcollection/ trade binder 11/6/10 - YouTube

Yugiohcollection/ trade binder 11/6/10 ... YMA SLIFER THE SKY DRAGON DOD WINGED DRAGON OF RA WANTS: ... The Wicked avatar The wiked eraser ...

Fusions of Egyptian and Wicked Gods. - Experimental Cards ...

... Winged Dragon of Ra"-"Slifer the Sky Dragon"-"Obelisk the Tormentor"-"The Wicked Avatar"-"The Wicked Eraser"-"The Wicked Dreadroot"Remove two or more of the above ...

Summoning The Winged Dragon Of Ra

I summoned wing dragon of ra if you like to see more videos tell me what i should ... LORDS AND WICKED ... To get the Winged Dragon Of Ra Marik trades you it ...

Divine Cards - Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Official forums | Konami

Which of the Divine Cards should we introduce first ... winged dragon of RA ... the wicked avatar

Top Ten Yu-Gi-Oh Cards -

Just the best Yu-Gi-Oh cards in ... Yes but this card can be easily stopped by the winged dragon of ra so this card should be under the God cards ... 35 Wicked Avatar.

Should I start play "Cardfight! Vanguard"?

Should I start play "Cardfight ... Should i trade a japanese solemn judgement for two english dark bribes? Should i trade the winged dragon of ra for wicked avatar ...

Legendary Cards - YouTube

... *Obelisk the Tormentor *Slifer the Sky Dragon *The Winged Dragon of Ra *Exodia the ... Legendary Cards ... *The Wicked Eraser *The Wicked Avatar ...

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