Suggestions for a new guitar?

I don't like the F310 because the action is too high and I find it really hard to play compared to other acoustics. I've been playing for just over 2yrs ... - Read more

i agree with dehumanizer. selling his old guitar will definitely increase your budget for a better guitar. but first you'll have to ask your son if he's ... - Read more

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Time to get a new guitar amp ! Suggestions ? -

... so little time! > Time to get a new guitar amp ! Suggestions ? User Name Password . Connect with Facebook. Register FAQ Search Today's Posts Mark Forums Read ...

Got the wrong guitar! Suggestions on a new acoustic ...

I wish I could just 'point' to a guitar that sounds good...but you have to try them. play barred chords up and down the neck, play open string chords and ...

The Boogie Board • View topic - Pickup suggestions for a ...

Other Stuff » Guitars ... "hello all, I recently purchased a new Ibanez RGA121 fixed bridge electric. The guitar ..." · "Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 Marshall 1936 2x12 ...

New guitar advice, superstrat suggestions - Jemsite

Hey guys I'm looking at purchasing a new guitar with a superstrat style body Preferably with a floyd rose style floating bridge, I'm not too bothered

Suggestions on new guitar and effects - Ultimate Metal Forum

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or opinions on a new guitar and new effecs to purchase. ... Suggestions on new guitar and effects ...

Looking for new guitar wireless - suggestions? - Jemsite

Looking for new guitar wireless - suggestions? - my current wireless finally gave out which is very suprising after a couple hundred shows, being dropped countless ...

Suggestion for Buying a new guitar for beginner - India ...

Hi IMikers, Can anyone suggest me any guitar model for begginers?I am thinking to buy a new one.Budget is within 5k. Thanks, phir_milenge.

Suggestion for a new Category - Totally Guitars | Totally ...

We currently have lots of Categories but I want to suggest we add a new one- [b]Tips & Tricks[/b]. This category could be used for any idea, concept, technique or ...


Need suggestion for a new guitar for Jazz

If you’re in school, I’m going to assume you have a budget. If you need a semi hollow guitar for cheap, look at Ibanez Artcore series or Epiphone semi hollows.

Need a suggestion for a new guitar - The Acoustic Guitar Forum

The Acoustic Guitar Forum > General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion > General Acoustic Guitar Discussion: Need a suggestion for a new guitar

Need suggestions for new guitar. -

I'm planning on buying a new guitar. My price limit is $300, but I might be able to go to $350. I'd like a solid body electric. I will go and play a few at the guitar ...

Classical Guitar • - - - Suggestions for New Guitar

Classical Guitar . French forum Italian forum Spanish forum . Skip to content. Board index ...

Help With Suggestions For New Guitar

Hey guys! Ive been playing for about a month with GMC and feel the need as ive got quite a bit of spare cash at the moment that it may be time to get a new guitar.

Suggestions for new guitar... - Home Recording forums

So I'm thinking about getting a new guitar... My first concern is that this guitar has a whammy/tremelo bar... I want a guitar that sounds decent and has good action.

A suggestion for a new guitar [Archive] - The Gear Page

[Archive] A suggestion for a new guitar Guitars in General. The Gear Page > Instruments > Guitars in General > A ...

Suggestions for a new Acoustic - Telecaster Guitar Forum

So I'm in the market for a new acoustic guitar and I'm wondering what models people would recommend. I'm willing to spend approx. $1500 CAN (around $1100 US).

New guitar suggestions - Telecaster Guitar Forum

I just traded a 90's USA Hamer Special for an American Telecaster. It was a great guitar that was my favorite for a number of years. Here's a current auction for one.

new guitar suggestions - U.S. Music Corporation

hey cedwards, Just saw your review of the WI45.I can say that im somewhat convinced to get the WI45! The finish on your guitar looks amazing! I just went through the ...

Looking to get a new guitar, suggestions? | Forums - Page 2

I would say I'm an intermediate player and looking for a guitar that sounds good, I know for that price range i'm Help; Log in; What's New? Forums ... What's New? Forums;

Guitar Tricks - I need a new guitar. Any suggestions?

This is a guitar discussion forum at ... Guitar Lessons Home; Guitar Instructors; Browse Guitar Lessons; Guitar Songs; Guitar Jams

Suggestions for a new pedal lineup! - GeekChat!

Well, since everyone else here is doing it, and I'm one to jump off a cliff when all my friends do, here's my rig: For guitar: Tonebone boneyard pedalboard

Suggestions for a guitar, heavy rock, wild tremolo dive ...

You'll need to get a gigbag or case but it's really an excellent guitar. My one buddy had bought a new ... Any one out there have a suggestion for a decent guitar, ...

New Guitar Suggestions..anyone? - Guitars101 - Guitar Forums

New Guitar Suggestions..anyone? - It's about that time for a new axe...I thought I had my mind set on one of the RG neckthrough models but after reading the reviews ...

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