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Do not always trust your friend’s tattoo advice, see for yourself. And please do not trust your friend with a tattoo machine looking to practice on you. - Read more

I got a tattoo on my thigh, which is significantly more fleshy than the hipbone, like you want that heart. My tattoo didn’t hurt at all. That being said, my friend ... - Read more

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anyone had a lower calf tattoo? general tattoo advice please!

Im going to get tattoo'd tomorrow and Im soooo nervous. I had my tummy tattood like 4 yrs ago and it wasn't too bad but Im so nervous for tomorrow. It's on like the ...

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GB Tattoo Advice. Please make sure that you have eaten an hour before being tattooed. Wear clothing that makes the area tattooed easily accessible

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Edinburgh Tattoo - Advice Please - posted in UK Caravan Holidays: Senior management & I have just returned to caravanning after a 15 year break. We are going to ...

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Jump into our buzzing Cosmopolitan forums to discover a world of scandal, hilarity and sisterly support. Chat away to your hearts content

tattoo idea - advice please? | My So-Called Secret Identity

I want to see photos of your other tattoos! Yeah you have to make sure you get it right. I like what you want yours to symbolise, with the mixture of old and new too.

First tattoos- advice please! :) - Diabetes Daily

Hi, I'm about to get a tattoo for the first time, well two actually at once. One will be on my left wrist and will be a small outline of a hear. The

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advice, advise tattoo, cute, tattoo design. Looking for the Best Tattoo Designs? ... please do not take any legal action.

Is this "blowout" or spreading? - advice please - Big ...

Hi there, I'm seeking advice and, if possible, some sort of identification of what is going on around my most recent tattoo. When I got home after

literarytattoos: Advice please! - LiveJournal

Advice please! I'm planning on getting my first tattoo in about two weeks. It's important to me that I get it done on a specific day (will explain below), so I'd like ...


CRAZY FOR KIDS: Tattoo Advice Please -

amber at said... Here's the tattoo idea that I was going to get on my 30th birthday but chickened out on - I just don't like the ...

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TATTOO ADVICE. On this page you will find Tattoo Advice for before, during and after the session. Please read carefuly. We get people asking for tattoo advice every day.

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Tattoo Advice. Important Information - Please Read . Tattooing will not be carried out on any individual who is : under 18 years of age; under the influence of ...

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I want a new tattoo... - Page 4. BabyGaga - Connect with 1000s of pregnant moms & parents! ... Home / Community / Teen Pregnancy / Tattoo; Advice please!

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Tattoo advice . Please think carefully about what you would like, your tattoo must be your own idea or inspiration. We do not expect you to be artists, so bring with ...

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EXOUSIA336 5/19/2010 2:31PM : A tattoo shouldn't be something you ask others' opinions for. You need to pick something that is significant to you.

Tattoo advice please ! | MuscleTalk Bodybuilding Forum

Ive just had a new tattoo done yesterday (a flower design with some leafing around it) its on my right hip, really big and extremely painful. It took 5 hours to do so ...

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Hi, i am new to this site and looking for some advice for a tattoo setup. I already made the mistake of buying a cheap chinese tattoo kit off ebay, to find out they ...

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Tattoo advice please. Originally Posted by B.. Think about it. I did a search for Bananaman (Eric), and the first 214 pages from Google images ...

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I'm looking for advice about tattooing. I am 23 and I am an electrician from Plymouth. When I was at school my best subject was art. I aced my exams

tattoo healing advice please

how does a tattoo heal? and do you keep applying lotion? I had tattoo fri and it looked lovely and smooth. Since then it has become 'bumpy' is this

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Tattoo Advice Please!: I'm thinking about getting a new tattoo. I'd like it to be something small which symbolizes new beginnings or willingness to take

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So for those of you who dont know, Im a Saffa (South African). My heritage is extremely important to me, and Ive wanted to get a tattoo for a while showing my love ...