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My recommendation is to use player's name for array index such as. PlayerBall["Prog1"] = Shapes.AddEllipse(x,y) so you don't mind the sequence of data. - Read more

VINE This is so confusing what Paris Jackson - Read more

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Hi all, I read in the FAQ on how to post a message and it says to go to the message board you want... So far this is the only thing close to a message board that i ...

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NOTE: Because this model replaces the 1000 that is now discontinued, I have edited this review to reflect the changes and highlight the features of the 1500.

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This Is So Confusing... by borntobefeatured - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

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I just checked my scores on, and Ex 679, EQ 629, and TU I'm viewing my reports and need to dispute an item. I called Experian, and purchased what ...

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Nope. I've never used it and my LOs have never used it but I have yet to hear of anyone on this board mention any side effects of Zegerid. It's definitely a superior ...

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It's probably because they were banished to a place so isolated that they can't get any up to date news about Twilight Sparkle and have only their memories of what ...


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A version of this op-ed appears in print on February 9, 2014, on page SR5 of the New York edition with the headline: Why Nutrition Is So Confusing.

This is so Confusing: THE FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot is Now ...

This is so Confusing: THE FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot is Now Confirmed to be Based on Comic Book Canon. 16/07/2014 by Marie J.

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Add Reply. Subscribe. NVidia 8400M GT - 64Mb or 128Mb? This is so confusing. I've got a Sony VAIO FZ18M which comes with an NVidia 8400M GT.

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This is so confusing... Reply. This is so confusing... HULK Mama [+4] 36 kids; Florida 2180 posts . 29th Aug '12.


Life is so confusing when eveything goes upside down when u can't decide what u want when u can't choose Life is so confusing when u can't understand urself

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Humpty Dumpty is confusing! Thanks for watching!! MUSIC BY KEVIN MACLEOD! ~Brookee (:

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This is so confusing. Every five minutes there’s another rumor about a deal, or another theory about a deal. Dion Waiters is on his way out of town. No, he’s not ...

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i had to rewrite the title 26 times and had to settle for "this is so confusing...", just tell me, i am seeing most people at WF are making money by sellingproducts ...

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This is so confusing… Posted on March 26, 2014 Updated on March 26, 2014. I swear… Just when you think you are figuring this whole diet thing out, you find some ...