Tongue web piercing questions?

i am seriously considering getting the web pierced under my tongue...what is the swelling like?/ do you end up talking funny because of it? and last b... - Read more

Learn the risks, pain, and proper aftercare ensuring your tongue web piercing heals quickly with little risk of infection. - Read more

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Home; All Questions; Tongue web + tongue piercing... please only respond if you actually KNOW about piercings... I have my tongue pierced... and am looking for a new ...

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My tongue web piercing is my first (and only) piercing done by a professional piercing artist. She told me that she hadnt done it on anybody before, but she was ...

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Home; All Questions; How Painful is a tongue web piercing? if you don't know what peircing I'm talking about,don't bother trying to answer this question.

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Tongue Web Piercing Swelling «« White stuff? Quadruple Navel Piercings »» Sunday May 13th, 2012 @ 1:49 AM Filed under: Tongue. I got my tongue web pierced on ...

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Frowny and tongue web questions? I really like frownys, but I ... Also, if I get a tongue web, would it interfere with a regular tongue piercing? My tongue web

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Tongue Piercing placement? Hi, I'm thinking about getting my tongue pierced, but I have a question. I know the piercer has to pierce it after the tongue web.

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Heavy plaque build up on tongue web piercing?

Heavy plaque build up on tongue web piercing? Find answers now! No. 1 Questions & Answers Place. More questions about Beauty & Style

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Tongue Web: the part of the ... The Question: Can a tongue piercing really close up if you leave jewelry out of it for just a few days? The Answer: Actually, yes.


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If you have any quesitons just ask and i will try and answer all of your questions. Thanks (: No mean comments.

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OK, english is not my mother tongue (as i am sure you might have noticed). So i would like to clear something out. The paper cut I am referring to is not the standard ...

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Tongue web is next up on my list of piercings! Unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding information about it. I feel like I ask questions too much here but I like ...

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Tongue Piercing FAQ. Questions: Does it hurt? ... For the full answer to this question, click on the aftercare button on the top of this page. A quick overview is this: