Top 10 Rappers of All Time?

Based on over 328,000 votes, Eminem is ranked number 1 out of 1,127 choices. Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the top 10 list of Best Rappers of All Time. - Read more

Drake has to be the wackest 'pop artist' of all time. I cannot consider him as a rapper because of his use of recycled or cliched lyrics. He tries to act so hard but ... - Read more

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Part 5: The 50 Greatest Rappers Of All Time

... the final count down of the 50 greatest rappers of all time. 10. ... with such ease would make anyone think that they could become a top rapper in no time.

Top Ten Rappers Of All Time - Music/Radio - Nairaland

Who are the top 10 rappers of all time? The answers to this question are almost guaranteed to stir up controversy, arguments and gnashing of teeth. i've ...

Top Ten Rappers of All Time | Hip Hop Prophet

... Who are the best rappers of all time? ... Pac is easily the most celebrated rapper of all time, ... One Response to “Top Ten Rappers of All Time ...

Top 10 Best Rappers of All Time - Top 90s Alternative Rock ...

Quoting Daniel: LL is cool but no way he is better then the DRE With all due respect, I respectfully disagree with that statement. LL was a pioneer.

Top 10 Richest Rappers of 2014 - Sport Rich List

Top 10 Best Rappers of All Time : Well the music looks empty if there is no rapping in the song today there are some of the best rapstars who made their name , but ...

Top 10 Rappers of All Time | Mobile Likes

50 Best Pokémon Of All Time. These selections are not just the best in the game series. It takes into account the anime and complete Pokémon lore, which is built on ...

Top 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time - World News

My opinion of the top 10 rappers of all time, but I know its a matter of opinion and most ...

10 Richest Rappers of All Time - Made Man

Most rappers are all about making money and showing it off, and these ten richest rappers of all time are no exception. ... Top 10's; Chickipedia;

Top 10 Best Rappers of All Time | OMGTens

From Eminem to Kendrick Lamar, many rappers still regard Andre 3000 as one of the greats. Eminem mentioned about him in the song ‘ Till I collapse’ and Lamar ...


Top 10 Rappers of All Time - HubPages

3. Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones aka Nas. Arguably the greatest lyricist of all-time. Only few can rival his wordplay, vocabulary, and delivery. The mastermind behind ...

Top 10 Rappers of all Time, Top 10 Best Rappers of all ...

If you are a rap lover, you would definitely like to check the list of the top 10 rappers of all times. Click to know if your favorite ones have made the mark.

Top 10 Rappers Of All Time - Top 10 Hip Hop or Rap Albums ...

The Bottom Line All of these rappers are amazing, and I think you should listen to material from every one of them if you haven't already. There are a TON of terrible ...


in my opinion the top 10 rappers that will be remembered for ever if you have a comment feel free to write one and post your opinion.

Top 10 Rappers of all time - YouTube

My opinion if you disagree comment saying your top ten Top 10 10. Immortal Technique-Dance with The Devil 9. Big L-MVP 8. Biggie Smalls-Dead Wrong 7. Nas ...

Top Ten Rappers (In No Particular Order) | TBA

In this article: Top 10 Rappers of All Time; Top 10 Rappers of All Time. Making top ten lists is like going on a first date and having someone ask you what your ...

Top 10 List of Rappers of All Time | All Top 10 ListAll ...

Email; Today we will bring to you the Top 10 List of greatest rappers of music history. Almost all of us like Rap music. Rap music gives us different kind of flavor ...

Top 20 Rappers of All Time - Rate Your Music

Top 20 Rappers of All Time. Author: roc_a_fella7. The Greatest Rappers in Hip Hop. rym; find; lists; ... He would be a top 10 artist if he had more recent material. 14:

Top 10 Best Rappers of all Time - List Crux

Born in Houston, Texas on November 9, 1970 Brad Terrence Jordan who is also known by his stage name Scarface or Face Job is a rapper and one of the best lyricists of ...

Top 10 Best Rappers Of All Time | OMGTopLists

Rap music has been around for a while and it is not going anywhere. Now when a person does a top 10 list of rappers there is plenty of room for debate.

Top 10 Best Rappers of All Time - Suite

Judged on lyrical proficiency and potency these 10 rappers represent the best of hip hop. Some specialize in powerful puns and others display lyrical depth. The Greatest MCs Of All Time - New Music Videos ...

... this time to devise a list of the greatest MCs of all time ... became so heated that we had to come up with an "Honorable Mention" list to augment our Top 10 MCs.

Top 10 Ugliest Rappers of All Time | SPIKE

Since the birth of hip-hop, MCs have always tried to make themselves out to be perfect beings with no flaws in sight. This can be easily achieved on wax with some ...

Top 10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time - Music/Radio (1 ...

I think a lotta pple gettin this thin wrong. Guys, pls draw the line btw a greatest rappers, good rappers, and favourite rappers. Where you guys wanna put ...

Top 10 best rappers of all time? | Genius

let’s play a game. Pretend all of rap music is one big league, you are now the commissioner, what rule...

Top 10 rappers of all time - Rate Your Music

Top 10 rappers of all time. Author: uddart. the greatest rappers of all time

Top 10 Best Male Rappers of All Time | All10List

It is not easy task to rank a rapper of all time. All the rappers are unique in their own style of rapping but there are few who make the world aware of what is

TOP 50 RAPPERS OF ALL TIME – (PT. 6: TOP TEN!) | Jason ...

... Jay Curtis Top 50 Rappers of All Time (TOP TEN):10. ... REASON: When you speak of the greatest rapper of all time, you have to mention Big L in the convo.

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