Top rappers when it comes to hooks?

List your favorite 5 rappers when it comes to doing chorus'... 1. 50 Cent ... it says top 5 favorite rappers. ... top 5 rappers on hooks/chorus's: well, ... - Read more

Face is by far the best Houston rapper he is the best lyricist and he ... One of the realist hook men that ... Spm is one of the best rappers to come out of Houston. - Read more

Discussion about Top rappers when it comes to hooks?

Top rappers when it comes to hooks? resources

Which Rapper Has Best Hook Voice ? -

Which rapper do you believe have the best hook voice ? ... umm well if thats the case. say best hooks come from ... RD3 Text Top Dogs Battle Arena;

Top 10 Richest Rappers in 2012-2013 - POP Tens

Here comes the birdman to knock you all out with some hip hop and top of the line rap music. ... that they guy is now among the top of the line rappers in the world.

Check Out BET's Top 10 Rappers Of The 21st Century List ...

BET held it's round table discussion to determine the Top Ten Rappers Of The 21st Century last night October 15. ... but when it comes to rap, ...

10 Rappers Accused Of Stealing Song Hooks | Vibe

10 Rappers Accused Of Stealing Song Hooks Chris ... Regardless, he's not the first rapper to come under fire for allegedly jacking a chorus.

Top 5 Underrated Rappers :

When talking about ”underrated rappers,” five names come to mind. ... The top 5 underrated rappers today would be currency, smoke dza, styles p, ...

Top 10 Dirtiest Rappers | Billboard

Check out's list of the Top 10 Filthiest Rappers, including the standout lines from their most gleefully disgusting songs. Warning: explicit ...

10 Rappers to Watch in 2013 - Rap/Hip-Hop

Then, the Inglewood rapper applied himself to his brand, ... They have a real talent for tunes that make you want to rip the top of your ride, ...

Top 20 Richest Rappers Alive Ranked By Highest Net Worth ...

... ranked by their net worth of course. ... 20 Rich Rappers, 20 Richest Rappers, Rap Net Worth, Rapper Net Worth, Rappers Net Worth, Rich, Rich Rappers, Richest Rappers.

Top Female Rappers - HipHopComeup

Top female rappers in hip hop. My Story; Come Up; All About Beats; Motivation; Top Songs; Rap Basics; ... When you think of a female rapper Lauryn Hill always comes ...


Top 10 Rappers - Buzzle

Top 10 Rappers I think there is going to be no argument, ... Since the beginning of rap music, many artists have come and gone and left their mark on the scene. | Beat Charts

News Reviews Interviews Specials Exclusives Unknown Kings VBT Magazin Adventskalender Splash-Mag! meets Verlosungen ... Elektrofuß 16er+hook ...

Top 10 Richest Rappers 2011 – World’s Richest Hip Hop ...

World's Richest Hip Hop ... have come a long way. All the rappers and hip hop artists found on this ... audience as their record "Rapper's Delight" became a ...

Beyond the Bass - Top 10 Most Overrated Rappers of All-Time

Top Ten Most Overrated Rappers of All-Time As ... (whoa)”, is pure genius for a hook but the rest ... Tupac For all those people about to come to my house ...

10 Chicago Rappers to Watch in 2012 - Rap/Hip-Hop

Take a look at the top ten rappers to look out for in Chicago this ... bell hooks, was released this ... star and a little more lyrical when it comes to the drill ...

Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World | Top 10 Lists ...

Percy Robert Miller isn’t just one of the world’s richest rappers, he was once listed in Forbes’ as one of America’s highest paid entertainers.

Rakim: Best Rappers of All Time |

View all comments about Rakim in our top ten list of Best Rappers of All ... And Rakim are one of the top 4 greatest ... set the stage for most every rapper to come.

You Deserve It: Top 20 Future Hooks - HotNewHipHop

Far from Future's BEST hook, "Tony Montana"'s importance mainly comes from its star-making role in the rapper's career. Fewtch's refrain is certainly not the first or ...

The 10 Most Gifted Rappers in Nigeria - notjustOk

The 10 Most Gifted Rappers in Nigeria. FIND US ... Reminisce is a very skilful rapper when it comes to his local ... to details from his very catchy hooks to his ...

Top 10 fastest rappers ever - YouTube

He is immensely fast and really should hold the world record for the fastest rapper. ... 6:00 top 10 fastest rapper in the world by MSD Dabbas 15,997 views;

Agree or disagree Rappers should try to keep RnB Singers ...

Agree or disagree Rappers should try to keep RnB Singers feature for Hooks as minimal as possible

Best Rapper Alive: The Top 10 Best Rappers Of 2012

From Kendrick Lamar to Nas, 2 Chainz to Drake, Action Bronson to Pusha T, Stop The Breaks takes a look at the top 10 best rappers of 2012.

The Top Ten Greatest Rappers of All Time - Tickets from ...

Whenever the discussion of the top rappers of all time ... but can’t come close to Big’s gritty and ... Rakim may be the greatest rapper of all time ...

Top 5 Rappers of 2011 - EzineArticles

The problem is that the rap game is not the same so we couldn't even come up with ten rappers who might ... rap and sing his own hooks ... Top 5 Rappers of 2011 ...

GQ Names The 25 Worst Rappers Of All Time -

GQ has put a list together of the 25 worst rappers of all ... and I am funky / When it come to funk, I am a junkie. Okay, but when it ... Fergie sings the hooks.

Slashies: Five Rappers Who Can Sing Their Own Hooks ...

... Five Rappers Who Can Sing Their Own Hooks ... Mac Miller may come off as a fun and rowdy young rapper that knows ... her way to the top by staying consistent ...

Top 10 Female Rappers - IGN - Video Games, Wikis, Cheats ...

When it comes to the realm of rap it's ... who have gravitated toward the microphone and came up with our list of the Top 10 Female Rappers. 10) ...

Top 10 Most Overrated Rappers - Music/Radio - Nairaland

Top 10 Most Overrated Rappers ... pure genius for a hook but the rest of ... he is the best rapper of all time. I would put him in my top ten favorite ...

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