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Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ... It is a formidable historical fiction, ... Copyright © 2014 WordHippo Contact Us Terms of Use Privacy Statement:

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As a matter of fact it has had to win its way against vigorous criticism and formidable rivals.

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Sentence A uses "formidable" where a noun is needed, ... Sentences C and D both use "formidable" as an adjective, but only one of them makes sense.

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Use dialogue. If there is a ... Although it may sound appealing to fill up your topic sentence with big, formidable vocabulary words, ...

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Definition of formidable in British and World English in Oxford ... pronunciation and example sentences. ... How to use commas How to punctuate abbreviations More ...

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I'm not sure that I'd use "formidable" in your first sentence but it would depend on further context. Theoretically, a person can be formidable due to their beliefs ...

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How to use Baseness in a sentence as a noun. ... But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, ...

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Use each vocabulary word in a sentence. 1. formidable (adjective): inspiring admiration, awe, or fear. 2. guile (noun): skillful slyness; craftiness

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redoubtable Definition: Formidable; commanding respect Brainypics - Create new Brainypic Read more sentences using the word redoubtable.


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10 ways to use formidable in a setence ... The best little site that helps you understand word usage with examples.

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Instead of being tamed through scientific description, though, the giant squid seemed more formidable than ever.

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Because the government viewed Harrison as a formidable foe, he was given many handicaps.

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Here are some examples showing how one might use formidable in a sentence. ... who would like to see a sentence for formidable. ... Use hiatus in a sentence 44 ..., use formidable in a sentence

Use formidable in a sentence ... Example sentences with the word formidable, a sentence example for formidable, and formidable in sample sentence.

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formidable definition: ... Use formidable in a sentence. adjective. ... has seen increasing use in American English. However, ...

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How to use Formidable in a sentence as a adjective. Make sentence with formidable. Ironically, in sharp contrast to the Mayan prophesy of “renewal, the real World ...

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But global graying offers an even more formidable challenge to less wealthy countries. ... Terms of Use; Our Apps; Copyright 2014 LLC. More from ...

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Inadvertent: In a Sentence. Formidable: In a Sentence. Meager: In a Sentence. Levity: ... Read this page and learn how to use Admonish in a sentence. ..., use english in a sentence

Use english in a sentence Are there passages whose English is not poor and thin and commonplace, ... the only power in France that they considered formidable. [5]

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Formidable describes a foe you’re slightly afraid of, ... What's interesting about formidable is that we often tend to use it about things that, ...