Very dark brown discharge?

Dark Brown Discharge Observing dark brown discharge can cause anxiety in women. Hence, it is important to know the reasons that can cause this problem. - Read more

Brown Discharge Before Period Experiencing brown discharge before periods is a common occurrence. Usually, it is not a reason for panic; however, in rare cases, it ... - Read more

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Dark Brown Discharge During Normal Period - Womens ...

Dark Brown Discharge During Normal Period . Last month during my normal period time, I had dark brown discharge for about 5 days. The flow was very light ...

dark brown discharge before period pregnant - MedHelp

Dark brown discharge before period pregnant. ... Today I went to the bathroom and had very dark brown discharge, a lot! I am really worried.

Very dark brown discharge - Page 3 - BabyandBump

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All You Need to Know about Dark Brown Discharges

What’s the nature of dark brown discharge? Why does it occur? Find reliable answers to these and many other questions in the following article and be healthy!

Very dark brown periods - Women's Health Message Board ...

For the past two months, my periods have been a very dark brown color, and the discharge/mucus has been the same color, maybe a little blackish

7 weeks and tan/light brown thick mucous discharge ...

But earlier about an hour ago I just went #2 and I had very dark brown to tan discharge. Then when I wiped I had like a tan thick/creamy discharge on the tissue.

BFP……YAY. Dark brown discharge and very light cramping ...

Dark brown discharge and very light cramping during early pregnancy? Ladies, I took two pregnancy tests that resulted a. Home; Family Mattress; Family Suggestion;

Dark brown discharge!!!!! - Women's Health Forum

Dark brown discharge ... But on the 26th may I had tummy cramps that i didnt read into but when I went to the toilet I had very dark brown thick discharge on ...

Dark brown discharge, painful periods and feeling lethargic

Question. I have recently been experiencing dark brown discharge. I have endometriosis (diagnosed in 1998) and I am aware of the possibility of infertility.


Very dark brown discharge - BabyandBump - Momtastic

Ok since last night, only really on going to the toilet and wiping there's been a very dark, tar like discharge. Started wiv a bit of red blood then went dark.

Very Dark Brown Discharge · Menstrual cycle (period ...

I've been having a very dark brown smelly discharge, but when i wipe it is usually blood/brown. So i'm thinking its dried blood, but i'm scared!

Dark brown discharge? - Women's Health - MedHelp

Ive had this dark brown discharge with blood in it for 9 days and for ... now I have switched to the pill and all week I have had a very dark brown/red/white ...

Brown Discharge During Early Pregnancy: 3 Safe and 7 Risky ...

Brown discharge during early pregnancy is frequently an alarming sign. However, there are cases when this symptom doesn’t present any risks.

dark brown discharge · Reproductive Organs & Vaginal ...

Hi, I am twenty years old and I noticed about more than a week ago that my discharge was dark brown. it is not smelly or gooey, its kinda clotted and only ...

Brown discharge underwear - MedHelp - Health community ...

for the past two days I've been having a dark brown discharge and it's all over my underwear. it's kind of like normal, but just dark brown and with no smell.

very dark brown discharge then red blood for ...

very dark brown discharge then red blood for... . i gave birth 15 months ago was c sec , and i got my first period 5 months ago it was on june 1 2011 and ...

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