What are facts about Sacajawea?

The importance of Sacagawea. Sacagawea (aka Sakakawea or Sacajawea) was a Shoshone Native American woman, who helped explorers William Clark and Meriwether Lewis and ... - Read more

Facts about Sacagawea. She was 14 when she got married, 16 when she gave birth to her first child and 25 when she died. William Clark liked her son and nicknamed him ... - Read more

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... http://www.stardoll.com/en/dolls/1005/Sacajawea.html. fact lexicon with terms going straight to ... On Factolex you can add facts and terms that you believe are ...

Facts About the Shoshone - eHow | How to - Discover the ...

Facts About Shoshone Indians; How to Follow the Oregon Trail; ... (sometimes written Sacajawea) was a Shoshone Indian woman born in Lemhi County, ...

Sacagawea - Sacajawea - Guide in the Lewis and Clark ...

Sacagawea - often spelled Sacajawea ... Roe v. Wade Fast Facts: What You Need to Know about the Decision. 10 Women's Suffrage Activists Everyone Should Know.

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Interesting Facts About Sacagawea ... Sacajawea proved a valuable guide on the return journey. ... in fact, her own brother ...

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The real history of Sacagawea (Sacajawea), ... Wade Fast Facts: What You Need to Know about the Decision; 10 Women's Suffrage Activists Everyone Should Know;

Sacajawea | FactMonster.com - Fact Monster: Online Almanac ...

Sacajawea . guide and interpreter Born: 1784? Sacajawea was a Shoshone Indian who acted as a geographic guide, diplomat, and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark ...

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Sacajawea´s story has been told many times, ... when in fact she wasn´t a guide at all. Two centuries later, her story is taught to every American child.

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Sacagawea (also Sakakawea, Sacajawea; ... Personal facts; Death facts; ... the United States Mint issued the Sacagawea dollar coin in her honor, ...

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In fact, Sacajawea was not officially a member of the expedition party. ... Sacajawea said that she had traveled a long way to see the great waters and, ...


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Sacajawea was a young Shoshone woman who helped Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their trip to the Pacific Ocean. Their trip was called the Corps of Discovery.

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Sacajawea , Sacagawea , or Sakakawea , c.1784-1884?, Native North American woman guide on the Lewis and Clark expedition and the only woman...

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Facts and information about the Shoshone woman who helped the Lewis and Clark ... Sacagawea Questions including "How was Sacagawea helpful" and "Was Sacajawea a ...

Facts | Sacagawea

Facts. Reliable historical information about Sacagawea is limited. ... Sacagawea, Sakakawea, Sacajawea.

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fast facts about sacagawea . Sacajawea (Penguin Young Readers, L4). ... Biography of Sacagawea History Sacagawea – Fact Monster: Online Almanac,. 3: Fast Facts

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In the early 1800s, Sacajawea accompanied Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their historical expedition from St. Louis, Missouri, to the Pacific Ocean. Sacajawea ...

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Where did Sacagawea grow up? ... Interesting Facts about Sacagawea. ... Other spellings of her name include Sacajawea and Sakakawea.

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We've learned a lot about Sacajawea's life!! ... Interesting Facts: Time and place: Achievements: Naturalist of Today: Links to Learn more: Meet the Team: Overview ...

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Important Facts About Sacagawea Facts About Sacagawea - Fun & Interesting. facts about sacagawea. Sacajawea Facts, information, pictures |. Facts About Sacagawea.

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Find out more about the history of Sacagawea, ... Dye was not satisfied to present the facts then known about Sacagawea; ... I created Sacajawea ...

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Fact 1 She traveled thousands of ... including the long 1984 novel Sacajawea by Anna Lee Waldo. Fact 9 ... Be the first to get updated with 10 facts about

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Sacagawea. Facts And Information About The Life of Sacagawea, ... saying that Sacagawea (or Sacajawea, ... Sacagawea assured Lewis and Clark that the Shoshones, ...

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Biography.com casts a light on Sacagawea, ... Quick Facts Name Sacagawea Occupation Explorer Birth Date c. 1788 Death Date c. 1812 Place of Birth Lemhi County, Idaho

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USNS Sacagawea, Sacagawea River, Mount Sacagawea, Sacajawea Peak, Lake Sacajawea, ...

Natasha Yim and Some Weird Sacajawea Facts

• Having a baby? Forget the spinal blocks and epidurals during labor. Try some ground up rattlesnake rattles instead! Sacajawea had a difficult and ...

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