What are good male baritone musical theatre songs to sing at an audition?

Our list of musical theatre audition songs for baritone men. ... The Best Musical Theatre Male Audition Songs for a Baritone. ... Musical Theatre Songs for Character ... - Read more

What are good pop songs to sing in an audition? (male tenor in musical theater) ... For female vocalist must can sing english song ... needed for musical theater ... - Read more

Discussion about What are good male baritone musical theatre songs to sing at an audition?

What are good male baritone musical theatre songs to sing at an audition? resources

How To Choose Audition Songs - Musical Theatre Song ...

A Singer's Musical Theatre Repertoire Audition Song Preparation. ... The 16-Bar Theatre Audition - Baritone/Bass; 2. ... (A general audition or rep situation) Up ...

Updated: 40+ Songs for Stage and Show Auditions

... a musical theater audition or just want to sing ... Songs for Male Lead Vocalists. If you sing in the ... good choices for an audition. Audition songs should ...

Audition Songs for Baritones - StageAgent.com

Free database of audition songs for Baritones. ... Browse Audition Songs for Baritones (page 1 of 6)

Tenor | Musical Theatre Audition Songs

List of Musical Theatre Audition Songs for ... 2014 Baritone, Male ... This is a Nat King Cole version but can be appropriated for a musical theatre audition. Male


MALE TENOR MUSICAL THEATRE SONGS ... tenor roles specifying baritenor voices in. Allowed male audition. ... new restaurants coming to woodbury mn Them to sing ...

Theater & Acting :: Comedic audition songs for mezzo-soprano?

2+ Audition songs for musical theatre; ... 2+ Soprano Musical Songs? 3+ What are some good audition songs that show off the range ... baritone Male lead or ...

Musicals.Net - View topic - Bari-Tenor Uptempo

... I am looking for some nice uptempo songs that I can use to audition for all ... they can only sing in the baritone ... of musicals with male roles ...

re: Suggestions on Musical Theatre songs for guys ...

There are a lot of strong musical theatre songs for ... seem to find really good songs for males ... lovely voice sing a song that they do not have a ...

What should i sing for a musical theatre audition?

What should i sing for a musical theatre audition? I am a male, 14, ... What are good songs to sing for a musical theatre audition?


Acting in Plays, Singing / Are there any Baritone Musical ...

Are there any Baritone Musical Theatre songs sung by ... Not sure if their male songs are tenor or baritone, ... I can not advise you on specific audition songs, ...

Best Audition Songs for Baritone - Singing Tips

While there are numerous options for audition songs for baritone in musical ... a wide range to sing the song, ... auditions for comedic musical theater ...

Musical Theatre Audition Songs - Male Female Duets | Actor ...

Musical Theatre More Male Female ... Audition songs for both musical theatre castings and drama ... Actor Hub lists the best songs for a baritone man to sing at an ...

Good Musical Theatre Audition Songs | keywordslanding.net

Male Musical Theatre Songs For Girls? male character from the ... What Are Good Songs To Sing At An Audition? ... Musical Theatre Audition Songs ยท Audition Songs for ...

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