What are some clan ideas?

Well, I have started a clan few weeks ago. Being a leader who try to recruit great member have gain me some ideas about clan. 1. Add a duration to quit the clan after ... - Read more

I came on the forums to suggest stuff.... But this fellow has said it all for me. Clan wars is great but it does need tweaking. All of my clan members are adults with ... - Read more

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What are some clan ideas? resources

- Home [mrkstar.weebly.com]

Welcome to the MRk* clan! ... That being said, there are some requirements for the clan entry. ... Have some ideas for the site?

Do you have some kitchen layout ideas? - Kitchen Clan

Next: Where can I get pictures of a contemporary kitchen that uses wood counter tops?

need some ideas for a scotish wedding - Scotland ...

i've been looking around for some celtic designs (like a boarder for my wedding invitations), maybe a poem, i would also like to know what clan my finace is from. his ...

Tartan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many had no idea of what their tartan might be, ... Some clan societies even claim that certain tartans are the personal property of a chief or chieftain, ...

What Are the Scottish Symbols? | eHow

Scotland has an array of official and unofficial symbols. As Scotland has a long history ... some of the stories of the ... Scottish Tattoo Ideas; Scottish Clan ...

Scottish Clans and Tartans FAQ - Rampant Scotland

Scottish Clans and Tartans FAQ. Scottish ... more used to the idea of landed ... some degree of independence but became a "sept" or branch of the larger clan. In some ...

Some More Ideas For WCC... - Forumotion

Ok, so last night, I dreamed up some more ideas. We should have a group for loners and a group for kittypets, dontcha think? But then we'd need a kittypet forum, and ...

Any Ideas For Some Fun Clan Events? - d2jsp Topic

I want to organize a clan event, something unhostile, and fun. Trying to avoid huge bosses, and pvp areas. Any ideas?

Future Updates - Clash of Clans Wiki

This page is about future updates and other ideas for future ... fun playing Clash of Clans! ... but they are some of the most commonly suggested Ideas out ...


What are some beach wedding ideas? - Wedding Clan

I live in UK and I am planning a beach wedding in the Outer banks in August 2012. I’m looking at houses to rent but there are so many to choose from.

Some clan rank name ideass. | Super Gaming | Home of ...

Hey guys! I think I'm going to make a clan called the Sword Clan. I'm making some ideas for the rank names. I'm just asking if you guys could give me some ideas for ...

What are some inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas ...

I am having a blue and brown colored wedding, possibly with some pink and orange thrown in here and there. What are some inexpensive table centerpiece ideas that ...

Starting New Clan Need Second Leader.. And Some clan name ...

And Some clan name ideas?? Results 1 to 8 of 8 Thread: ... clan name ideas: SilverBlade DeathCrew(or something else instead of crew) SupremeTeam VenomNInjas

Clan names, and gamertags idea's - YouTube

Some clan names and gamertags Music: Sabi - Wild heart (Zeds dead remix)

Some ideas to improve clans - Darkorbit

i was thinking about some ideas for improving clans like: 1. making clans able to hold resources and uridium just like they do with credits. 2. give clans the ...

What are some best home landscaping ideas? » Gardening Clan

Well, I want to beautify my home its surroundings by doing some work on outdoor decoration. I want to improve my garden first, artificial rocks secondly and then ...

Some ideas for Elite clans/MW3 | Community

What would be nice is to have more than one person who can add people to the clan. also an option to go to a clans page and join them without having the clan leader ...

Dinostorm Forum • View topic - Some ideas ( Clan, Chat ...

Some ideas ( Clan, Chat and others) ... PLS Delete my other "Some ideas" topics. Hey ladies and guys. How about writing here in this topic all your ideas? guteck

What clan are you? | V-Mundi - blogspot.com

Cardfight Vanguard is a game of warring Clans ... Decks are almost always consistent of a pure Clan and nothing else. Some tech ... the idea is to use ...

Clash of Clans | Some clan mates have no swords by their ...

Some clan mates have no swords by their names and I can not donate to them. Any ideas?

The Sound Village needs some boss clans so here are some ideas

Forums » Suggestions » The Sound Village needs some boss clans so here are some ideas ... FOR THIS CLAN MUSIC PARTICLES MEAN THE MUSIC NOTES FROM THE MUSIC BOXES)

Clan Name Generator

Make cool clan names with the Clan Name Generator. ... Ideas for clan names. ... so hopefully you have found some good ideas and inspiration to carry on your self ...

Call of Duty clan name Ideas - YouTube

Here are some suggestions for Clan names and Gamertags for Call of Duty. i hope you guys like it and please write in the comments if you used any of these!

The best clan name!! - Frihost

cool there all really good clan names but still haven't decided the best maybe I should do a ... The idea came from The Strokes ... some good clans names i ...

Starting your own clan? Here some ideas for a name/tag ...

Yeah, starting a new clan and using name invented by someone else... that won't be good sign of commander.

Can anyone give me some story ideas about a Thunderclan ...

asker: Thank you these ideas are very good and i will use them in my story. I needed ideas as I am suffering from writers block at the moment!

Clash of Clans | [Misc] So i got bored and decided to make ...

So i was bored and decided to think if some new hero ideas. They could be balanced so only 2 or 3 can be active at a time so you cant just spam them. Goblin prince.

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