What color are my eyes?

yay, after a couple of weeks of looking at the first billboard on the way to work I did notice that her eyes were indeed blue ... - Read more

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Discussion about What color are my eyes?

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Why Are My Eyes Blue? The Genetics of Eye Color

Genetics are responsible for eye color, and blue eyes are actually the result of recessive genes.


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The Adventures of Aitch: What color are my eyes?

Ever since I was a little girl I have never quite known what to say when someone asked what color my eyes are. Are they brown? Green? Blue?

AnswerParty | What color are my eyes?

What color are my eyes? | Most people have brown or blue eyes, so we will go with those two. Is that right? AnswerParty on!

What Color Are My Eyes? - Page 4 - Stormfront

Thanks so much! You're so sweet for saying that (but I'm not sure where it's coming from- do you like my eyes or are you a fan of my posts so far from my being here ...

What Color Are My Eyes Songtext von Sasha Eleyce Lyrics

What Color Are My Eyes Songtext Last night my trembling hands fumbled for the keys wonderin' what he had in mind and where this night would lead.

What color are my eyes? brown? hazel? whats the difference?

hazel has a mixture of green ; its the rarest eye color, and VERY pretty! I think yours are brown, but I cant be sure---pic is too far away:)

What Color are My Eyes? - Baby Loving Mama

My daughter had similar colored eyes when she was a baby. I had the most difficult time figuring out what to call it! Her eyes didn’t change colors until she was ...

WHAT COLOR ARE MY EYES?? by AppleCherry on deviantART

xD Thank goodness!! If I ever do, though, I'll certainly remember this 8D;; It was a great way to ingrain it in my brain . . . .


Poll: What color are my eyes? - Quibblo

What does your eye color say abo... What color eyes do you have?!?!?! What does your eye color mean? WHAT DOES YOUR EYE COLOR MEAN?!?!?! What Does Your Eye Color Mean

What Color Are My Eyes on Vimeo

“What Color Are My Eyes” will take you on a journey of idealism, with the dreams of a better life at the root of a movement. Here are the stories of Americans who…

What colour are my eyes? | Mumsnet Discussion

My eyes are grey/blue towards the middle and grey/green towards the outside. Someone once told me that the colour of my eyes changed distinctly depending on what mood ...

What color are my eyes? - Quora - Quora - Your Best Source ...

I'm wondering because depending on what I'm wearing and the lighting, my eyes change from black to dark brown to dark brown with flecks of dark hazel.

What Color Are My Eyes on Vimeo

This is "What Color Are My Eyes" by frankgcaruso on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Eye color - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eye color or eye colour is a polygenic phenotypic character determined by two distinct factors: the pigmentation of the eye's iris ...

What Color Will My Baby’s Eyes Be? - About.com Vision

Answer: Most babies are born with blue or gray eyes, but depending on the color of your eyes and your partner's eyes, they may or may not remain their ...

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