What did Athens and Sparta have common?

... which of the following did athens and sparta have in common? : ... Sparta was warlike. male children were ... Athens and Sparta may have shared the same ... - Read more

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Discussion about What did Athens and Sparta have common?

What did Athens and Sparta have common? resources

Sparta and athens - SlideShare

Sparta and Athens By: ... the similarities between Athens and Sparta? They spoke common ... did not have to depend on a trade like Athens did.

What rights did women in Athens and Sparta have?

AnswerParty | Did athens or sparta have a democratic ... Did athens or sparta have a democratic political system? ...

History 3 – Topic 9 – Athens and Sparta

Athens and Sparta . ... They were probably resented greatly by many of the wives and common women of Athens, ... In the case of Sparta, we have an example of ...

What do the following images have in common?

What do the following images have in common? Archimedes. ... In Athens, we have an organization called the ... women in Sparta have more freedom than anywhere else in ...

AnswerParty | What are five things Sparta and Athens had ...

What are five things Sparta and Athens had in common? ... on the Family in Colorado Springs have in common ... did the women take in customs and traditions ...

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Athens vs Sparta. Welcome Explorers! ... they did not have a lot of things in common. ... (two ruling kings). Sparta was a very militarised state, ...

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What's the difference between Athens and Sparta? ... Unlike Sparta, in Athens, ... women had rights that other Greek women did not have. In Sparta women were stronger ...

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Did not value education in arts or philosophy. ... Athens or Sparta, ... This means you have to put everything in this account IN YOUR OWN WORDS

What Advantages Did Athens And Sparta Each Have ...

What advantages did Athens and Sparta each have in the Peloponnesian War? What was the result? Describe in general the Greek poleis.


which of the following did athens and sparta have in common?

Askville Question: which of the following did athens and sparta have in common? : History

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2 terms · what did spartans do when they couldn't grow crops? → they took from neighbors, what did athens and sparta have in common → they were both Greek cities

Which of the following did Athens and Sparta have in common?

'Which of the following did Athens and Sparta have in common?' was asked by a user of Poll Everywhere to a live audience who responded via text messaging, the web ...

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... 1 slide what they have in common, 1-3 slides about Athens)• Use your powerpoint slide guide to help you ... Why did Sparta and Athens become so large?•

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The systems and structure of government in Sparta and Athens did have a ... in Athens and Sparta ... Sparta and Athens may have been in great ...

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10 terms · What type of government did Athens have?, What type of government did Sparta have?, ... Ancient Greece: Athens and Sparta 10 terms by Sueae ...

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... What were the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta? ... as Athens, Sparta did not use ... Athens: Much of what we have come to think of ...

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What were some ways that Sparta and Athens were ... How did the conquest of the helots make it necessary for Sparta to be a military state, and how did the conquest ...

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