What does "ahah thanks x" mean?

Anonymous: I was saying I think she's done curling her hair and parting it in the middle! She does other things with her hair other than that. - Read more

Does anyone have any ... in london already and the alternative would mean paying ... in the wait and I start to be nervous.. ahah.. Thanks x ... - Read more

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What does "ahah thanks x" mean? resources

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Why does when adding a picture to your contacts the phone put a copy in the My Images folder. ... if you dont know what i mean, ...

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... im not that scared anymore ahah thanks! x. ... then let me by all means meet you with the ... The image in the photo you mention does resemble me and I ...

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... i don't say any of this man and any of my friends does it either. ... ahah thanks! X) ... It said Pan con Queso lol That means bread and cheese.

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Page 16 of 77 - Eugene McGuinness - posted in Other Bands: Ahah thanks x) Jump to content. Miles Kane Forum Welcome to the Miles Kane Army Sign In ...

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