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Leetspeak [ˈliːtspiːk] (auch Leetspeek , 1337 ; von engl. elite, „Elite“) ist eine reine Schriftsprache und bezeichnet im Netzjargon das Ersetzen von ... - Read more

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1337 – Stupidedia

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What is 1337? 1337 would typically be described as a “creative digital agency”. In France, web professionals would usually summarise “1337” as an agency that ...

What is "1337"? - The Lounge Forums

What is the significance of such a number on this particular website that I repeatedly see?

1337 – Uncyclopedia

1337, altdeutsch "leet", mittelneudeutsch "qewl", ist eine unter Kindern verbreitete "Sprache" zur…

What is leetspeak? - Computer Hope

For example, leet in leetspeak would become 1337. Below is our basic conversion tool to convert your text into leetspeak.

1337 - Was bedeutet 1337 - Leetspeak - Sonderzeichen.de ...

Die Bedeutung des Akronyms 1337 - Elite ... "Leatspeak (auch Leetspeek von engl. elite, Elite) bezeichnet das Ersetzen von Buchstaben durch ähnlich aussehende ...


1337k is... 1337! 1337k is... a good PARTNER! Work; What we do... Contact; Works. Malcom Rivers × Promotion × Online Shop. malcolmrivers.com. Twoffein.com × Developing

What is '1337' or 'leet' | D.S の Space - blogspot.com

Definition: 1337, and its other spelling, leet, is a hacker term from the days of Windows 95. It is used to say “elite”, or just “leet” for short.

Words related to 1337 speak - Urban Dictionary, September ...

Okay, 1337 is a good subject to talk about. The first thing I would like to clear up is that chatspeak and 1337 are NOT the same thing. Some lazy m...


What Is '1337' leet? - About

Answer: '1337' means "elite", or just "leet" for short. It is a jargon term meant to describe someone with very high-end computer and gaming skills.

What is 1337? - YouTube

Joined a party, and this kid was talking about the worlds best clan ever. 1337 leet what is leet what is 1337 whats does 1337 mean.

What is 'leet' or '1337'? - About

'Leet' or '1337' is the jargon spelling for 'elite'. To be leet/elite means to be very skilled with computers and software. Answer: In the days of Windows 95, a group ...

www.1337.net how to be 1337 and what is it!

www.1337.net learn how to be 1337 - learn what it is and have a laugh as well

WHAT IS 1337 | SK Gaming

1337, Internet Team . By: CheWb-Views: 0 Comments: 0. CPL 1337 . By: flEER Views: 0 Comments: 0. 1337.wmv . By: vasaju9_ Views: 0 Comments: 0. 1337=d . By: MikeBailey

is-1337.net - 1337 of niet?

is-1337.net is vandaag echt wel 1337!

What is 1337 Definition @ Geek Dictionary

User generated definitions for the word 1337. ... Definition: 1. Originally used by hackers as a weak encryption method. Letters would be replaced by numbers, symbols ...

What does 1337 mean? 1337 Definition. Meaning of 1337 ...

This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of 1337 is. The slang word / phrase / acronym 1337 means... . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang words ...

Leet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Leet (or "1337"), also known as eleet or leetspeak, is an alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet. It uses various ...

What is 1337? - Newgrounds.com

At 2/3/03 01:57 AM, Homer_x wrote: At 2/3/03 01:53 AM, Unmindful wrote: What is 1337?Stop acting like a n00b, you know what it is. (jk bout the n00b thing)

Urban Dictionary: 1337

n. 1. Nestled between 1336 and 1338, 1337 is commonly known as a number, or for the more advanced; an "integer" 2. Often misused to satisfy a lamen's ego, the self ...

1337 - What does 1337 stand for? - TheFreeDictionary

Acronym Definition; 1337 [not an acronym] Elite (hackish) Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster ...

1337 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Year 1337 (MCCCXXXVII) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

Meaning of 1337 - What does 1337 mean? - 1337 definition

This Slang.org page has the meaning of 1337. The definition of 1337, which is a slang word, acronym or abbreviation, means Elite.

MW3-What is 1337? (Assault moab Gameplay) - YouTube

Hope you guys enjoy! ... Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add SUB TO ImZawro!!!!! 's video to your ...

Googlism : what is 1337

Googlism for: 1337 1337 is the language of the future petition 1337 is the language of the future 1337 is packed in a three rack unit 1337 is unnecessary because ...

What is ESTAR_DreamUP_1337.exe ? ESTAR_DreamUP_1337.exe info

ESTAR_DreamUP_1337.exe is known as Universal DreamUp and it is developed by Dream Multimedia TV.

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