What is a fern leaf called?

What is the leaf of a fern called? Question #98104. Asked by homansplace. (Jul 30 08 8:09 AM) jk18: - Read more

Different kinds of ferns have different patterns of spores on the bottom of the fern leaf. Size. ... Type of Fern Called a Sensitive Plant. - Read more

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How to Identify a Fern Leaf Tree | Home Guides | SF Gate

The fern leaf tree (Filicium decipiens), ... narrow stems called axillary panicles. Each axillary panicle is between 6 and 8 inches long. ...

Hiker's Notebook: Wood Ferns - SCPRO: Sierra Club Potomac ...

Wood fern spores are clustered in structures called sori that look ... up twelve pewter plates beneath a fern leaf, ... ferns is the marginal wood fern ...

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Trophophyll: A leaf that does not produce spores, ... Called mosquito fern, they are used as a biological fertilizer in the rice paddies of southeast Asia, ...

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Ferns and Fern Allies ... Evolution of leaf and main axis with laterals; ... Borne on understide of leaf in clusters called sori; ...

Leaves and Greenery: fern-leaf-underside-with-small-spots ...

Thumbnail Exhibit Name; fern leaf underside with small spots called sori which are sporangia or groups of spore cases Feb 2000 Cape Town South Africa mono 1 DHD.jpg ...

Fibrous Begonia Foliosa-also called the fern leaf begonia

Begonia foliosa is also called the fern leaf begonia. It has small leaves and tiny white flowers. Grows into a shrub type begonia

Pteridophyte (ferns) - Department of Education and Communities

This can be seen in plants like the maidenhair fern. Fern leaves are called fronds. And have you ever noticed the back of fern ... Spores on the back of a fern leaf .

What is a Fern Tree? | Garden Guides

What is a Fern Tree?. Fern trees, also called tree ferns, ... Ponga (C. dealbata) is a species that has a distinctive white color under its leaf surfaces.

Fern structure | Sciencelearn Hub

Frond. The leaf of a fern. These are called fronds to distinguish them from the leaves of flowering plants. Leaves in flowering plants are purely concerned with ...


Fern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Called mosquito fern, they are used as a biological fertilizer in the rice paddies of southeast Asia, ... Fern leaf, probably Blechnum nudum.

What Is a Fern Frond? | Garden Guides

As with palms and cycads, the leaf of a fern is called a frond. As the frond first emerges, ... When fern leaf segments grow immediately alongside the rachis, ...

What Is the Function of Fronds? | eHow

Fronds perform leaf function ... growing plantlets called bulbils. ... Interesting Facts About the Fern Leaf.

tfeps - what is a fern

... (edge of leaf) . There is a flap ... also includes plants that are called the fern allies. ... The fern allies also include the rarely cultivated Tmesipteris of ...

Ferns - uni-hamburg.de

This bundle does not disturb the stem vascular cylinder at its point of divergence to the leaf. These have been called MICROPHYLLS. ... I. FERN ALLIES (except ...

scientific name of fern leaf - Evi - Evi | Ask me anything

What are fern leaves called? tell me the name of a fern leaf; ... scientific name of fern leaf (96%) what is the scientific name of cyathea dealbata (2%)

Ferns and Fern-allies - Animals and Plants - Find Fun Facts

Spores are typically produced on the underside of the fern leaf in clusters called sori. ... The fern allies differ mainly from ferns in that they do not have the ...

About ferns - iiNet

Sometimes these sori follow the fern leaf veins, ... the male parts called the ... though some varieties of rock fern do. Ferns are very successful ...

What is a Fern? - wiseGEEK

... ancient species of fern grew up ... They contribute to the layer of leaf mold and humus on ... I have a plant called a cinnamon fern that looks ...

The Ferns - uni-hamburg.de

fern leaf showing a sorus ... causing the sporangium to break open exposing the spores to air currents.The sporangium breaks open in the region called the ...

Types of Fern - Botany Boy

In ferns clusters of spores are called sori and are often covered by a protective tissue while young known as the ... the typical fern leaf known as a frond, ...

Ontario Ferns - Fern Glossary

SPORANGIA cluster together in groups called SORI; SORI are sometimes covered by a flap called the ... FROND refers to the whole fern "leaf" that rises from the ...

What Is a Frond? (with picture) - wiseGEEK

... organisms are also called fronds. ... to the leaf-like structures of a fern. The fronds of a fern are distinct ... look like fern fronds, ...

Frond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A frond is a large, divided leaf ... the frond is called once pinnate. In some fronds the pinna ... These stems are called rhizomes. Many fern fronds are ...

Ferns - Nelson David L MD

The most common fern you will see at Camp is the sword fern, also called the western sword fern. ... It has a double compound leaf, ...

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